OMG! Have to share this… I went shopping the other day for some new lingerie, popped into the change room to try on my chosen set, always a confidence booster when you’re about to go away and want to feel a million dollars – lol

Those mirrors show everything! I loved it – lol – finally I could see the changes in my body shape you know the bits that you can’t see in your mirrors at home. My butt! whoop all those squats were doing their job. My midsection definitely coming in, nice!

This wasn’t the case for me not so long ago…

I hated trying on clothes because nothing fitted me anymore, I felt fat and really hated the fact that I had to go up a dress size, and I could see exactly where it was and why nothing fitted. My waist had disappeared, my arms were flabby, my back fat was hideous, my thighs were too big to fit into jeans. (caught myself thinking it was probs down to all the spin classes I was doing – lol – total rubbish ha-ha, no babe you have chunky thighs and it’s time to do something about this – why was I dithering? when all I had to say was yes boss!)

You know what needed to happen for me … I had to be honest with myself and call it the way it was. A tough conversation to have with yourself. Could leave you feeling depressed OR motivate you to take the plunge and do something about it.

This is what the ladies do when joining my Ultimate Body Formula program, call it the way it is! I have specifically designed it for strong unstoppable ambitious women who want all day energy, a clear focus on their objectives so they can be in their best shape and be exceptional in every area of their lives! Oh and of course willing to do what it takes to get there…

Finally, I love shopping and getting in front of those mirrors. Finally, I fit into amazing clothes and am in the best shape I can be in … this is how the ladies who are on my Ultimate Body Formula program feel about changing room mirrors, and you can do the same.

Learn more about how to take care of this via the link below. Go take a look.


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