OMG! Am I having an MLC? (eeeeeek!) first it was the F-IT attitude to eating out and drinking and generally rebelling against the norm, then the motorbike, the holiday snaps that woke me up with a stark reality check, the general dissatisfaction with my life and the direction I was headed, changes to my business, the 2 stone + weight loss, the boobs, the bikini competitions, modelling holidays, additional tattoo work, upgrade in motorbike (because the HD wasn’t fast enough) continued growth in my own health and fitness, purchase of a bicycle, and a complete evolution to my biz … to where I find myself today making progress and developing the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Yes, of course, I was having an MLC! Celebration time! What an opportunity this stage of life brings…

It was putting a name on it and pointing a finger at it and then feeling quite amused by it that made me realise that we all go through an evolution at some point in our lives and this is totally normal … the question is what to do about it … Get a grip? Grow up? Sell everything and run away …

Well, this is a time when most of us experience a massive transition of attitude and self-confidence. The way we see the world changes and we start asking questions about what we are doing with our lives… all good!

Now we have two choices at this point, either we run for the hills OR we view it as an opportunity to re-evaluate who we are and evolve! A perfect opportunity to be the best the best you can be and do so without apology with total abandon, giving it your all so you feel like you are back in the driver’s seat of life … rather than focusing on stuff getting buried by it as usual … this is the time to focus on you.

The only way I can describe the feeling of letting go AND taking control at the same time, of this stage of life is a bit like hopping on a fast motorbike and opening the throttle 100%

Question is do you have the confidence to do so?

Well, this is what the ladies on my UBFP are doing right now, they’ve donned their leathers, biker boots, fastened their helmets, slid on their ray bans and hopped on the Ducati Panigale of life, started the engine, put the bike in gear, committed themselves to opening the throttle, eased the clutch out and are now moving forward at pace, figuring out what works, what no longer serves their objectives and finding a new path that is catapulting them towards their goal of becoming the warrior princess they are, fearless, unstoppable and absolutely living life to the full.

To find out more about how can do this for yourself follow the link, download my cheat sheet, go through to the next stage and fill in my form.


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