We all have loads going on in our lives and trying to get everything done in a day is a challenge, I totally get that. I have no doubt that we find ourselves at crossroads daily with too much to do but at the same time feeling like we really need to de-stress, to refocus, stuck in this rut because we feel like we just can’t afford the time …

The truth is that we choose how to spend our time every day, yes we need to work to pay the bills, we need to eat and sleep and run our homes but how we do that is our choice.

I thought I would share a couple of things I do to take care of this on a day to day basis.  Now I’m not by any means perfect and there are some days where things just have to give but there is always a way to find balance and this little guy has his part to play.

Meet Monty one of four little helpers, without him in my life my days would lack the ‘pay attention to me now please’ inspired air breaks he encourages me to take, you know those big brown eyes looking directly at you telepathically sending you ‘its time’ vibes!

Any dog owner will tell you that they need routine as much as we do, better than setting an alarm for myself and if we are getting close to walkies time, I know all about it. Message received loud and clear … ‘it’s time to step away from the computer and change your focus NOW!’ lol

Always delivered with a wagging tail, unconditional love, a level of excitement only a dog can deliver, an offer of time to decompress right there.

Now I’m not suggesting you get a dog, although a dog is a good thing to have in your life, for me they bring joy and balance and force a routine! like so many other things you could do with your time.

So the first thing I do to ensure I get what I need is I schedule in timeout. We all need it, this is exactly what the ladies on my Ultimate Body Formula program find a way to do. Schedule in non-negotiable time for me every day, this is the time I don’t cancel, I turn up, I take it and feel so much better for it. The knock on is more energy throughout the day, better focus at work and awesome workouts where I feel strong and motivated.

Here are two things you can do to start to take care of this right now.

1) Grab your diary & schedule in a 60 min slot for you this week. Non-negotiable time. No kids, partners or phones. Just you and the big wide world.

2) Choose an activity that you know you’ll love to do and then do it in that 60 min slot! Don’t cancel.

Once you’ve scheduled your time slot & decided on your activity tell someone about it! Just this little act will push you to actually go ahead.

Now go do it !!

Rinse and repeat once a week and you will be amazed at how much you start to look forward to the time set aside and you’ll guard it. The time must be yours to improve the quality of your life, remember this is ultimately about upgrading your priority on your priority list and not negotiating it away.

Find out more about this and how simple things like this changed my life. Click the link below and download the cheat sheet to find out more.


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