I was listening to a motivational podcast the other day and one of the lines that really stuck in my head was… “If I only worked out when I felt like it I would be a fat F_CK”

Now isn’t that the truth?

If we only did the things we felt like doing we would get nothing done! We also wouldn’t appreciate the good times or the chill time we spend with people we love or value taking that hour for ourselves to de-stress and live!

One of the first things the ladies on the Ultimate Body Formula program find is THEIR PRIORITY on their priority list. If you don’t actually feature on that long list of things to do, guess what, you’ll stay working on things that aren’t as important. Yes, we have to work to pay the bills, I get that especially when you’re building a business your free time is the first thing that disappears…

There is a way to make it work so if you find you are in this boat, we need to talk!

Download the cheat sheet from the link below and find out how I learned to prioritise my time so that I COULD take time out to do other things that were important to my health my fitness and my SANITY! and still, make progress in my business!

The key to getting my nails done, having a workout, going out for a coffee with a friend was in learning to trust the process and not worry about the things I wasn’t doing at that particular moment in time. I hear you, BUT HOW? Well, I had a plan, a perfect strategy that ensured I was hitting all the important facets of my life, including time for me…

This is one of the first things the ladies on the Ultimate Body Formula program figure out, click the link below and download my cheat sheet to find out more.


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