What will it be today? STAY ON TRACK OR HAVE FUN …

This picture of Mindy (not much of a helper here) pretty much sums up how many of us feel when we have a bad day … I can see it … OH, I GIVE UP! Today I’m gonna let it all hang out and do what the hell I want and not a single fook shall be given!

You know those days where you have every intention of eating well, you prep your food, you schedule your workout, you eat breakfast and head to the office. Only to find that you are so busy you forget to eat, come late arvo you end up absolutely starving, grab your lunch and get it in but it doesn’t feel like it’s even touched sides, you’ve inhaled it so fast. You feel like you need more … something sweet … maybe that yoghurt you brought in for a snack … yes !! inhaled  … but you still, want more …

The way I see it is that you have two choices at this point:

Either Stay or Track … so grab a glass of water, then relax and let it settle if after 20 minutes you’re still hungry then grab a healthy snack to top it up if you need


Raid the fridge and fill up on whatever is there ! after 20 minutes feeling full and fat and unhappy because you’ve let yourself down for some short-term satisfaction …

The question to ask is – what would you do?

Does your choice feel good? Will that choice help you take steps towards your goals?

Does your choice feel like FUN?

No matter what there is always a choice.

When it comes to staying on track the key is to make sure you are making good choices most of the time, sticking to a long-term plan that will support your goals and give you a bit of wiggle room so days like this don’t become the norm.

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