Hi BUSY LADIES, if you struggle to create non-negotiable time for you, read on..

I bumped into a friend today who I haven’t seen for ages, was so lovely to see her, it had been far too long and I had been thinking about her for the past few days, anyway, we took a few mins and caught up on things.

She said that LIFE was just getting in the way of her fitness regime and she hadn’t made it to the gym for 6 weeks, she had family staying, was busy at work, was eating crap as a result and was feeling rubbish.

It occurred to me there and then that we all do this.

We let other things creep in and take over,

But we don’t have to and here’s why.

If we take a moment and look at ‘LIFE’ and how it gets in the way.

Think about this for yourself over the last week, have you allowed anything to interrupt your commitment to time for you this week?

YES? Me too …

I totally get that, we all get busy and have to squeeze things in and yes sometimes things just have to give.


We choose what the things are that HAVE to give, correct?

Why is it then, that it is OUR personal time that gives?

I bet that if your hubby had a round of golf booked and the washing machine started leaking or the accounts were due or there was some non-life-threatening ’emergency’, he wouldn’t sacrifice his golf time to deal with it. He would take the time, play golf and fit the tasks that HAD to be done around his schedule, on his terms, am I right?

Why are we so bad at taking non-negotiable time girls?

It sucks! And it’s not right!

I’ll tell you what my theory is and let me know your thoughts, please

We have LOW standards for ourselves.

LOW expectations.

These may or may not be linked to our self-worth but certainly linked to the priority we give OURSELVES in life.

So here’s my challenge for this coming week, schedule in some NON-NEGOTIABLE time for yourself every day and take it no matter what!

Everything you have going on will wait.

Your list of to-dos will still be there.

And guess what the walls won’t fall down, your clients will still be there and your hubby will still love you.

The only thing that changes is YOUR attitude to the time you have set aside for yourself and how you prioritise this over other things that need doing.

Who’s going to try?

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