For my female overachiever friends …

Question: What’s the first decision you made today?


Or to GET UP and GO!

I’m sitting here at 5:30am writing to you so my answer is get up go! What’s yours?

Not so long ago I would have been on the snooze button, this was the way I tried to wake up and drag myself out of bed … lol … I considered the snooze a luxury and wanted to hit it at least twice, in fact, I planned my final get up time with snoozes included in it …

So if that was you today … you’re not alone.

I came to realise that choosing to hit snooze was the first decision I made in the day and it wasn’t setting me up in the best way, to begin with.

I started to wonder how many other parts of my life were continually being snoozed.

I couldn’t remember the last time I woke up without an alarm, that sucked. The realisation that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I was stuck in a pattern of alarm snooze and snooze only to drag myself out of bed. Too many late nights, too much caffeine, not enough downtime. The amazing thing is that once I was up all was good so I started to look for the rub?


Now, this may seem like I was making a mountain out of a molehill but you’ll see it was really the tip of the iceberg, stay with me on this …

One thing is for sure no one ever FEELS like getting up!

Sometimes you just have to force yourself up, pull the covers off, stand up and get going!

This is as much about mindset as it is about finding whats called your ‘activation energy’ … this is energy found when you do something physical … in my case it was getting out of bed, choosing not to snooze and starting my day with purpose, with that energy driving me. It takes a physical act to find it … so you’ve got to move!

This is so true of every area of our lives, we have to DO something to get going

To take action … we have to CHOOSE and DO

The amazing thing is that your body will give you exactly what you ask for, and yes … that includes absolutely nothing

Your life will also continue along the same path, unless you … take action to change it

So when was the last time you woke up without an alarm? Bounced out of bed, ready to start your day? Got up feeling rested, energised and focused for the day ahead?

Is this reflective of other areas of your life?

How would it feel if you didn’t have to drag yourself out from under the covers?

A great start right?

The fact is that everything we do is led by choice, so by standing still and doing nothing we still choose and do.

For me choosing to get up and not hit the snooze button was a way of finding my activation energy, that little boost, that simple change, that is so doable, sets me up in a go-getting frame of mind.

Activation Energy IS : what we need to move from ‘autopilot’, the state we live in every day, our routine, our current behaviour patterns, our current belief system, the way we view ourselves, the world around us, our values all on auto, just going through life from day to day … into a continual state of progress

Activation Energy IS NOT : something we buy or take or consume …

Finding it takes an attitude …

making a choice …

harnessing a deep-seated need and desire for more …

for better …

an overriding DRIVER to be exceptional …

Sound like a simple change you would like to make?

I struggled for the first week but after that, it becomes a habit and it gives me extra time to do the things I need to. Admittedly I need to get to bed by 11 latest but that’s in my control.

So this is how I felt …

Fed up living on auto and wanted:
Boundless energy and be totally ready to face the day
Have a very clear purpose in both business and life
Have a strong physical being …
A presence, a level of fitness, a healthy mind and be the one oozing positivity
Contagiously, deliriously happy

I started to realise that finding that energy takes the same force required to …
Eat a healthy meal rather than a pizza
Get off the sofa and go workout
Put on a gorgeous dress and take your partner on a date

It takes action AND realising that we are so busy waiting to feel like it when the truth is you will never FEEL like it.

You’ve got to step up and take it.

Here is a simple way to GET WHAT YOU WANT…

Initially, you have to FORCE yourself!

When you feel dissatisfied with life – it’s a sign you are lacking in one or more of your fundamental needs and there is something you can do about it. Does the snooze mindset keep you stuck where you don’t want to be?

Well to change this you have to force yourself to get uncomfortable!

Commit yourself now to the following things …

No more moaning about your size
No more complaining about the fact you can’t fit into your clothes
No more hating your job, your career, your life
No more feeling insecure about your relationship
No more worrying about whether he finds you attractive or not
No more feeling like you have to hide your fat belly
No more hiding your bum and thighs
No more feeling low or confused or frustrated about this

THE OPTION … if you won’t take the step … IS to continue to bitch about it … and stay stuck!

THE OPTION … if you are you prepared to force yourself to wake up … IS to listen and respond to the alarm call!

GET UP and take action!

FORCE the CHANGE and GET what you want …

I’ve done it and so can you, and it starts with taking a simple step like no longer hitting the snooze button and changing your first decision of the day to get up and go! Test it out and see how things start to change for you.

To find out more about getting what you want out of life and to find out how I’ve transformed my life GO HERE and download my cheat sheet today … yes right now …

Let’s figure out how to get you on track so that you are in that continual state of

‘LIVING and BEING’ exceptional,

HAVING the life that you know you want … all because you took action.

Do it now!


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