Career minded entrepreneurial women … are you still looking for that elusive magic pill?

A quick fix to a much larger challenge we all face?

There’s a great phrase that says;

How you do anything is how you do everything!

Or is it? 

Hoping for a result is as useless as a chocolate teapot. You’ve actually got to take steps towards it. Agree?

I realised I was doing this 4 years ago when I got back from that eye-opening holiday in Antigua (read about it here) where I realised that something had to change and, that fundamental change was about me and how I valued myself. You see I realised I wanted it all, successful biz, great relationships a drop dead gorgeous body and right there when the penny dropped for me I realised I was never going to get there unless I actually did something about it.

I would spend hours working in and on my business, making sure my clients were looked after and moving forward in their fitness journeys, hours developing new recipes for them to try, developing new products to support them, touching base and following up ensuring they got results, writing content for my blog, educating myself and keeping ahead of the latest trends in fitness, high commitment in time, energy and resources.

What I realised was that while I was at a high commitment level and focus in my biz, I was still looking for low commitment solutions to my own health and fitness. I didn’t even feature on that radar. In fact for years every penny I made I reinvested back into the business, to buy better equipment, to create a lovely environment for clients to train in, it was all about my biz and serving my clients and somewhere along the way I lost sight of the fact that unless I was in top shape both physically and mentally, well rested and full of energy, there was no way I could give my best. What was that about? How did it all get so out of balance? And why didn’t I see it …

When we are successful in business, why is it that we still look for low commitment solutions to our health and fitness?

Consider this …

If your computer stopped working, you’d replace it
If an advert you were running, wasn’t working, you’d pull it
If one of your clients needed help, you’d do what was required to help them

Why is it so difficult to apply the same level of investment, action and commitment to looking after ourselves and taking care of our bodies, our health and fitness?

I have heard all the excuses …

It’ll cost too much money, couldn’t possibly afford it…

It’ll mean taking a risk and believing that I can do this when I know I’ve let myself down in the past… I’m not sure I can take the plunge and go through that again…

It’ll take too much time… something I just don’t have…

Like I said, I have heard all the excuses, all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something.

I’ve used them myself…

So your mindset surrounding this is transparent to me … I see you and I totally get what it takes to run your own biz and be the one person who has to carry it.

I also understand how simple it is to take care of the one area of your life that seems to evade you year on year.

know how hard it is to ask for help, when you seem to have everything under control and don’t want to feel like a failure or like you are weak in some area.

The critical shift I had to make in my mind was that I was coming from a place of scarcity in my life, I wasn’t willing to spend the money on myself because I didn’t value myself enough to do so, I also had a gazillion other things that seemed so much more important.

Truth is you are failing; failing the 3 critical areas … 

Failing to invest in yourself, the one thing that will keep your biz and your life moving forward. We work hard to create a life we love. What’s the point of doing all that if you don’t feel like you are successful in every area of your life?

Failing to make any more than a micro-commitment to getting in shape and feeling better about yourself, we do this by downloading a workout or an eating plan thinking this will work, give it a whirl and within a week you’ve quit, back to status quo …


Failing to prioritise this area of your life. Which just keeps you stuck where you are.


Ever considered that an investment in you will result in more confidence in yourself, not only in what you look and feel like but how others perceive you, an outward reflection of success …

Having a fit and toned body demonstrates how resilient you are, how committed you are and that you take every area of your life seriously.

What if I told you that all this was possible, that you could have success in every area of your life.

It just takes finding the right path to take and then taking the action required to achieve your goals.

Plus a shift in your mindset that looks for reasons to commit yourself to a better, stronger, more focused version of you.

If you want to find out more about how the ladies on my Ultimate Body Program are taking care of this right now, then head on over here and download my cheat sheet where I share 3 secrets that will leave you feeling better about yourself and an opportunity to connect with me. Just follow the steps and fill in my form.

I offer a free no obligation chat about where you are and where you want to be in health and fitness and we figure out a plan to get you there. There is nothing for sale on the call just a chance for us to get to know each other better and if its a fit and you want to know more we can talk about the Ultimate Body Formula Program, so you’ve got nothing to lose, just an opportunity right here to take control of this area of your life and start to recognise your own personal value not only to your biz or to those around you but to yourself.


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