Morning beautiful over achieving ladies, a few thoughts as we head into Wednesday.

We are halfway through the week and guess what I’ve still not achieved what I planned this week … my to-do list is huge and I’m feeling a little frazzled and stressed and trying to stay in control and calm … I need coffee !! Then I need to prioritise …

Sound familiar?

This week I have really struggled to focus. I’ve so many things going on at the moment I feel like no matter what I tackle next it won’t make a difference. So I make lists, I cross things off, I do the easy to do jobs first, then do something fun, then go back to the list, start another job that will take more time than I have avail but have to start knowing I’ll be interrupted and will have to start again, argggg … before I know it the day will be over and I’ll still not have got through everything, it’s going to be a late one I can just feel it …

Sounding familiar now?

For many of us, this is the way we begin our day and as a consequence,

This mindset is the way that every day goes. Spinning wheels!

Not sure about you but for me this sucks! I hate feeling like I’m treading water and not actually making progress and starting off my day, feeling defeated is not how I want to live my life!

So what do you think? Is this just about an ability to prioritise things?

Or Not procrastinating …

Is this about time management?

Or Not being able to say no …

Is it about being overwhelmed all the time and not able to see the wood from trees?

OR is an inability to focus a symptom of other things that are out of balance in life?

The truth is that we’ve all been there … and yes it is about all of the above!

So how do we overcome this feeling of overwhelm, of getting nowhere fast of failing every day to get through an unrealistic and never-ending list of things to do?

The question to ask is will your life fall apart if you don’t fill every waking moment with things to do?

Does staying busy keep you distracted, from other things going on in your life?

The simple answer for me a few years ago was YES, totally – hook line and sinker!

Distracted from things that were difficult to cope with, so like many overachievers I threw myself into my biz, keeping busy made me feel like I was adding value and despite a few bumps in the road, I felt like I was achieving something which made me feel valued and like I was important …

What I didn’t realise at the time is that I was missing out on life!

It was only when I recognised that my own sense of WORTH was directly linked to how busy I was and how much money I earned and how many clients I had and what car I drove and where I lived and what I ate and what wine I drank that things began to change for me.

This was totally flawed logic and so incredibly superficial…

I know that now but at the time I couldn’t see it …

It was only when my dad had his 70th birthday and I headed home to SA and got to spend some time with my family and friends and took time out of my routine, that I started to see life differently and to value my time on this planet more and realised that there is so much more to life than rushing from A to B, working my way through to do lists that never end, that my relationships were way more important than anything else and that I needed to take care of me. I realised that the world wouldn’t fall apart if I changed my personal priority on the list of things that needed taking care of. In fact, I was the one thing standing in the way of my success in biz! I had to find a way to change things so that I could do the things I wanted to do … to be successful in every area of my life!

Once I’d made that shift … my life changed for the better.

I started to fight for the things I wanted, I started to focus on the things that were important and upgrade my own priority on the list.

I realised I had to grow up and took control of a few things.

I made a decision to shift a few priorities around and started investing time where it was important.

I started to realise a few home truths.

If I’ve had enough sleep, everything feels manageable
If I’ve eaten well and given my body what it needs to recover, I have loads of energy
If I’ve taken time out of my day for me, everything moves into perspective

So the big question is where are you this morning?

Frantic or calm and focused?

How do you cope with being in this vicious cycle this catch 22 state where you feel overwhelmed? and more importantly, how do you move out of it?

When I did this …

My health improved,
I got my body in shape,
My relationships got better,
I got my confidence back and started to turn heads again,
No longer old before my time, no longer frumpy or unfit, no longer hanging onto behaviours that were keeping me trapped.

I felt free again, a bit like that 16-year-old me that used to wiz down the hill on her bicycle, wind in her hair, feeling alive and vibrant and full of energy without a care in the world.

So I committed myself to living each moment for that moment … to being connected … engaged and totally present.

I realised that the busy for busy sake life sucked! And that

I was the only person on the planet responsible for my happiness!

The quicker you move from catch 22 to being in control and the pilot of your plane of life the better for you, you’ll find more time to actually live and enjoy your time rather than watch those around you flourish while you struggle.

What is the secret?

Well, let’s have a chat about where you are at and where you want to be, I’ll share with you exactly how you can gain access to the support you’ll need to do this.

All you need to do is connect with me, click here, to download my How to Get What You Want Cheat Sheet and find which 4 steps I took that started me out on the path of action and got me moving forward. Follow the links to fill in my form and book a no obligation chat, there is nothing to sell on the call so please don’t feel like you’ll be subjected to hard sell. It’s simply a chance for us to connect and if we are a good fit and you want to know more about the program, sure we can have a chat about it.

So get going on that cheat sheet and find out how you can get what you want, commit yourself to living each moment for that moment, be connected, engaged and totally present, living your life and getting what you want out of it.

Click here, to download my How to Get What You Want Cheat Sheet

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