Today I am sitting at my desk writing this post and reflecting on how far things have come for me over the last few years. Like many busy, ambitious women building careers and businesses, I was always working, never taking time out unless it was fleeting, never actually taking care of me because everything else seemed so much more important and well I just had to get on with it, I told myself, I’d be fine …

I realised after seeing holiday snaps that something had to change for me, I needed to get my body back and my life in balance, I realised that I filled my time with STUFF and once I’d cleared the clutter my life became so much simpler.

The question is do you do this too? Fill your time with STUFF?

Filling every waking moment just so you don’t have to look at yourself and take stock of where you are at or be honest about how you feel about yourself?

So driven to be successful in one area of your life that you have forgotten how success feels in others?

Do you start your day focused and driven and motivated and when you start to get tired you continue regardless of saying everything will be FINE, this is temporary? Having forgotten how important the little things are, that keep you healthy and sane?

This is exactly where I was and a state I can easily get to if I’m not committed to my plan and that is success in EVERY area of my life.

That means valuing my own time enough to prepare my food so I know I’m getting the right nutrition, being focused at work so I get through what I need to get through with minimal interruption, taking time to breathe when I need it and yes ironically this is every day.

Getting through the important things so that when I do relax I take the time to properly decompress. The value of which is evident in my productivity, my resilience, my energy, my focus.

So I now see my downtime as just as important as my work time.

Having dinner with friends to reconnect is good for the soul, watching a movie with hubby and sharing a whisky, pups sitting with us, is magic.

Getting to the gym even when I have a massive pile of client files to review is such an excellent stress reliever for me plus I get to maintain my figure, then grabbing a coffee on my way back to the office to tackle the stuff on my desk feeling renewed and focused is what I am talking about.

So often we forget about the little things, smelling the roses, taking in a view, sending a silly pic to a friend, taking time to connect with those around you, but these things are the spice of life and the happy moments in your day that make it all worthwhile.

Today I’m gonna take an hour out and appreciate the little things … HBU?

Our lives are fleeting and days are the thing that we run out of super quick. It’s not like you can pick up another pack of time from Waitrose. So make the most of it today, do the things that are important, the things that are going to benefit you and move you forward in your journey to success in every area of your life.

Be EXCEPTIONAL today ladies! Take some time back for you.

This is something of a focus on the Ultimate Body Formula program because without you around in a healthy, happy place, doing everything you do will take its toll.

So take a few minutes here and download my cheat sheet where you can discover a bit more about the program and how it will help you take care of this.

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