Ever wondered why we need hard evidence that something works before we take a leap of faith? A bit like jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute on your back that you haven't checked and double checked, certain it's going to open when it should.

The free fall is only going to be fun until you pull the cord and realise nothing is happening, the shoot isn't opening, there is no safety net, no one to catch you and slow your fall as you head towards the ground ... holding your breath, bracing your body as you anticipate the impact ... this is the stuff of nightmares.

OK, so I'm being dramatic ... only to illustrate a point.
The truth is that needing certainty is a basic human need, we need to be sure of an outcome before we jump

... correct?

Think about your own attitude to change, do you want more certainty before you commit? actual evidence of the outcome, the actual result and what it looks like?

Making changes to the way we do things sometimes feels like a great big leap into the unknown, some of us have an appetite for taking risks, some of us need more evidence before we leap and others need an ironclad guarantee

... most of us just need a little push in the right direction and we are off.

What if I told you that we create our results, we engineer the outcome, it takes courage to see beyond our expectations and our experience to truly experience life in a different way, this is in our control and is 100% about 100% ...
Let me give you an example ...

I hopped onto the scales and the number hadn't moved in a month!

A month of eating well, no alcohol, one fun food meal a week, tough focused workouts, sticking to the protocol laid out for me 60% of the time ... that should be enough to see a dent in the scales right?

I told myself that I am a work in progress ...

I've got loads on the go, besides I'm not striving for perfection ... even though I had plans to compete again in 6 months and I had to be as physically perfect as I could be ... even now I smile at myself and my attitude right there ... you see I had started my prep with 60% commitment.

Where is the 100% - boots and all - level I knew I needed? It's no surprise then that my outcome was 60%.

So I continued for another month with a fresh perspective, I started to make space for my workouts, to prepare my meals so I wasn't guessing and I started to see a few changes to my body composition, I started to feel better about myself. I realised that the first thing that goes when I feel the pressure is the time in the gym, time with friends and family, time for me and with all things considered, honestly I was still only at 70% ... unhappy about the situation, beating myself up because I wasn't making progress fast enough, I knew I could do better and yet I had to acknowledge that I was creating the outcome ... creating the results I was seeing ... 70% ... by my action or lack of it!

When I look back at my life at that point, I realise now why I couldn't be 100% ... ALL IN!

It's because I had too much on the go demanding my time, my focus, my energy and while I thought 70% in this area was good enough it wasn't. 70% is never good enough because 70% will get you 70%  ... I realised that I was creating the outcome ...

There is a BIG SHIFT in mindset required to realise this, no matter how big or small the change it takes jumping in boots and all and being 100% committed to your desired outcome and doing what you need to do to get there ...

We create the outcome ... no one can give you a guarantee that you will get results, it's down to your level of commitment and focus and your 100% ...

Are you there ??

Are you certain of the outcome you want?

The lifestyle you want to create?

The level of health and fitness you need to actually live your life to the full and enjoy time with friends and family, to be totally committed to your business and still able to create the space you need to enjoy the little things that make you happy?

Find out what I do to ensure that I am 100% focused every day. Find out how I create space in my day so that I can do the things I love and still get stuff done. Find out what the ladies on my Ultimate Body Formula program do to fuel their bodies and their minds so they create the outcome they desire with 100% commitment.

Download my cheatsheet here and take a step towards the lifestyle you want to create ...


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