There I was reviewing my end of year figures and feeling a little deflated given how much effort I'd put into achieving the numbers ... you know that moment of realisation that things just weren't adding up and that an entire year of investment equalled the number on the spreadsheet.

It screamed out to me ... NOT ENOUGH!

Not enough money for the level of effort ...

Why did I always feel the need to compare my performance against that of my peers?

May as well give up!

Why even try?

What is this all about? 

... and why is my income the measure of worth? of value added? of lives touched? 
So feeling blue, I sat watching the world go bye lost in my thoughts, feeling deflated, frustrated and desperate to do better.

I just couldn't fathom how.

Driven to be the best I can be, to add real value to others lives and my own and at this point, I felt like I was dropping the ball ... I knew I had to do something!

So I started doing some research, I read article after article about business, about generating revenue, looked at various marketing gurus and what their approach was to marketing my products, how to structure my content, what to write about, how to find the best clients that would really benefit from my message and the strategies that I teach.


I had to find a way to add more value and get paid what I am worth, after all, I'm in business and it was time I went ALL IN!

Besides this is about living the dream, creating an ideal lifestyle where I get to do the things I love and inspire an army of female entrepreneurs who want the best out of life, and everything it has to offer, right?

Finding the women who are cut from the same cloth who are as committed as me to do what it takes to create their dream lifestyle. Willing to make the necessary changes to get their health and fitness back and to create space so that they live in balance. A tribe of women who support and value each other, who stand together and support each other because ultimately we are stronger together and together we can make this world a better place.


I realised that I had to jump in boots and all and get the support I needed, to fundamentally change the way I thought about life and viewed the world ...



This was the beginning of my lifestyle transformation which affected my biz, my relationships, my attitude to life and I found a formula that worked for me, I put it together and created The Ultimate Body Formula Program to take female business owners from feeling stuck, undervalued and overworked into a place of balance where their value is attached to fulfilment rather than a number, its amazing that when you stop focusing on the money and focus instead on serving your clients everything else falls into place.

The most fundamental transformation has been in my mindset, my perception of my value and how I see myself.

I realised that if I didn't value myself enough if I wasn't willing to step up and take action then I could not expect to see changes happen around me ...

I had to be the change I wanted to see ...

Stepping up to be the goddess I knew I could be ... meant


I had to go ALL IN!  

Download my cheat sheet and discover my 3 STEP FORMULA the ladies on my Ultimate Body Formula Program are practising right now to take care of this.

Let me welcome you to the tribe and let's stand together and share in our journey to balance and finding fulfilment.

See you there. 

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