Ever look back on your life and wonder how different things would have been had you made the changes needed to get results sooner? 


It was the beginning of January 2006 and I got a call from my mum in South Africa,

"Granny was going into hospital for a routine ECG and she's slipped and fallen and broken her femur, please will you call her to catch up, you know how much she misses you." You see I was born on her 45th birthday so we shared a special bond and had more in common than I realised growing up. So I called, "Yes, Colette, it's just a routine op, they have to put pins in my leg, I'll be out soon. I'll be glad to have this done so I can keep up with my fancy man" We laughed. Her infectious sense of humour always made me giggle.

"Ok, gran well I wish you a speedy recovery, hope it all goes well, I'll send you a little something to keep you busy while you are in the hospital, love you, bye."  I got off the phone and sent her a bedside garden that she could enjoy while she recovered with a wild rose, she loves roses I thought. We chatted again once the garden had arrived and she promised me she would plant the garden as soon as she was out and about. "Won't be long and these little babies will be planted and putting down proper roots, thank you for thinking of me, bye, love you." 

A few days after the operation she was up and mobile and having physio, she was on the mend! Almost ready to go home which was fantastic news until I received another call from my mum. 

It was THAT call from my mum ... to say that granny had passed.

It was a moment for me that stopped time...

She had developed an aneurysm and she had gone. Her voice cracked and there was silence on the phone.  I could feel her pain as she cried, all I wanted to do was put my arms around her and weep with her, to say goodbye. Even writing this story has been emotional. I am sitting here with my eyes filled with tears, it was a such a tragedy and something that should never have happened. My granny was gone. A massive void in our lives created and there was nothing that could be done to bring her back.

She was the person that always called to wish me a happy birthday at a ridiculously early hour of the day, up with the sparrows again I would say ... she would sing happy birthday, I would laugh and we would catch up on stories of birds, bees and crocodile trees. I loved her.

She had overcome so much in her life, single mum to 3 children, she worked hard and still found time to see her family. She always told me how important it was in life to smell the roses, something I do regularly, can't walk past a rose without stopping. She surrounded herself with rose bushes and spent hours tending to her garden, she was a busy bee and never stopped for one minute.

She was a strong, driven woman who knew what it meant to take care of things. She had travelled and explored the world, was sociable and would chat with anyone, she loved waffles and making jam. I will never forget her and the lessons she taught me growing up. 


What does this have to do with going all in? 

Well, it's in moments like I have described above that we are given a gift, that's a gift of reflection as we look at our own future, it is almost like looking into a mirror where we see our own lives and we are offered an opportunity to assess where we are at in life and make changes and to refocus our efforts if needed.

So while reflecting on the sad events that unfolded for us that year, for me, choosing to go all in is about life, living to the full and enjoying precious moments with friends and family, it's about success in business and finding a balance so I don't spend every waking moment working but allow myself time to feel happy and to feel fulfilled. To leave this planet without regret, knowing I have done all I can to be the best I can be.

I have no doubt that my granny had a tough but amazing life, fulfilled on many levels. She really knew what it meant to follow her heart. For me, it's about putting aside the past, stepping into my passion and doing what I need to achieve my objectives NOW so that in 20 years from now I know I've done all I can so I won't be feeling like I've missed out on anything.



Instead of a lack of health, lack of connection and lack of success in every area of my life... I'll be cherishing the memories I've created doing the things I love with friends and family, thinking wow that was a good life! 

At the rate your life is going now do you think you'll look back and think wow that was a great life? Are you all in?

100% invested in building the lifestyle of your dreams and actually living it? Creating the outcomes you desire? Living a strong, fit life that enables you to enjoy the things you choose to do.

If this isn't the case then there is no better time like the present to step up and get the support you need.

Get your health, fitness and lifestyle in balance so that you can live the dream. Everything works together to create the outcome you want. This is one of the reasons I took the time to write the WOMAN IN MOTION cheat sheet, in it you'll start by getting really clear on the outcome you want, this is an opportunity for you, the GIFT I mentioned that will help you assess where you are headed and help you figure out what you really want.

Download my Woman In Motion cheat sheet and find out how you can step up and get the support you need to do what it takes to be ALL IN!

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