The seemingly insignificant changes in your life, that over time, change the whole direction and end destination of it.


be the change

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.” – GEORGE ELIOT

We all reach certain points in our lives, a crossroads where our lives reach a certain threshold of pain that we are no longer willing to settle for. This threshold is very different for every person.

If you are unhappy with anything in your life and recognise it, then see this moment as a massive call to action; a unique opportunity to respond to that desire from deep within the “real” you that wants to experience so much more of life.

This can be very challenging because as we have this urge to improve our lives but don’t have an effective strategy to achieve it. So we enter the familiar territory and take the next logical step and work on the effects instead of the cause.

We stop eating and exercise like crazy because we want to lose weight, rather than understand why we are overweight in the first place, we then convince ourselves that this will help and make us happier hoping that our willpower will carry us through … rather than figuring out why we want to lose it … and using that as the catalyst for longlasting change.

Here is a simple thought process that helps to focus my mind whenever I feel like my wheels are spinning.

For my life to get better I have to get better.
For things to change I have to change.
I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

We can change any and everything in our lives by changing ourselves.

This puts you in the driving seat of your life and makes your life your responsibility.

It eliminates fear and apprehension because we know that no matter what life gives us we can always get to the next level and take the next step by simply making the internal shift in our own mindset.

We can stop looking for events, people and circumstances to blame. We only need to look inside. No matter how influential we are we cannot control the circumstances and events of our lives.

There are only three things that we have absolute and total control over and together they allow us to experience life. Our thoughts, our actions and our words are always under our conscious control.

They are MY thoughts, they are MY actions and they are MY words AND they create MY world every minute of every day.

This is incredibly liberating. Whenever I want more, to experience more or change anything, I need only look inwards and work on myself.

The hardest work you will ever do is the work you do on yourself. – Jim Rohn

See, how we can run around and work incredibly hard at trying to influence and change circumstances, but that will only leave us feeling exhausted and reluctant to try again. It ís much easier to change yourself and your perception of yourself and your life remembering that nothing has any meaning except for the meaning you give it.

Changing external events have very little impact on your life in the long-term. Small changes in you; in your perceptions and mindset might seem insignificant at first, but because the change is in you it effects all of your thoughts, all of your actions and all of your words.

This seemingly insignificant change, over time, will change the whole direction and end destination of your life giving us a perfect opportunity to rewrite the blueprint of our lives.

If the captain of a ship changes direction just one degree the end destination might be a different continent altogether, it may be unnoticeable over a short period of time, but over greater distances, the small change becomes very significant.

How often do we see people trying to change the big things; they constantly try changing any and everything in their lives, but then fail to maintain the change. Instead, focus on making small consistent changes in yourself, in your own character you can create some incredible lasting results.

All change starts and ends with you.

If you are going to invest the time and effort in improving your life, then invest it in changing yourself. Invest your time and effort in improving “you” and let go of the superficial urges to control events and circumstances.

Your whole perception and experience of life comes from within you and who you are.

Change yourself, change your outlook and watch the world improve and change before your very eyes.



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