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If you wait until you see it, to believe it, you may have a very long wait. If you opt to believe it right now, your life will start to fall into place – and you’ll feel a lot happier too.

believe it when you see it


Generally, we pick up on the things that resonate with our beliefs and our view of the world. This is why, when we’re feeling bad, bad things rain down on us relentlessly.

There are the real, major issues that we have to contend with and then there are the generalisations that we have learned to draw from them, like ‘Life is hard’ ‘It always seems to happen to me’ …

It isn’t in any way our fault, of course. It’s true that bad things happen to happy people too.

Happy people are not necessarily fortunate people in the sense of everything in their life being hunky-dory. How many people do you know who have good relationships, good health, financial security and are still not content, bored or only half-alive?

Happy people are the people who have learned to modify their mood, manage their emotions and choose their reactions. Language, which we all have, is the sole tool that is needed to do so.

Why is it that we end up believing what other people tell us when they tell us something often, or convincingly enough. How many times have we found ourselves believing some daft, but effective, advertising slogan, despite our better judgment? How many times have we reviled ourselves for being lazy, or stupid or worthless, even when we know that is not really the case, because that’s what we’ve been told repeatedly?

If you’ll see it when you believe it, then the first thing to do is choose beliefs that serve you. We can do that because we only have to tell ourselves a thing often enough and we believe it. Unless, of course, your real mantra is: ‘Well, I’ll try it, but I know it won’t work for me.’ In which case it won’t – because you’ll get what you’ve affirmed.

But we can choose an affirmation that allows our spirit to soar. We can start from wherever we are with whatever words seem most appropriate. Purely as an example, you could choose to affirm something like ‘I now give myself permission to celebrate my strength, my uniqueness and my precious humanity.’

Say it once and nothing will happen. Say it several times each day, over a period of weeks and old limiting beliefs will start to lose their hold.

Or you could do it the way Sandy Forster advocates in ‘How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast’. Instead of just saying your affirmation, you go through it, putting the stress on the first word first time around, the second word second time around and so on until you reach the last word.

An affirmation of 15 words, like the one above, will probably take 2 or 3 minutes to work through. By the time you’ve finished, it will have interrupted any habitual negative loop and lifted your spirits.

Do that a few times a day, when negative thoughts kick in and it won’t be that many days before you start to feel different. And when you start to believe different things, you’ll start to see different things.

Yes, it’s ridiculously simple. Often what stops us achieving something we truly want is not the enormity or the complexity of the thing. It may just be a small, but crucial bit of information we lack, without which nothing seems to make sense.

The question is: are you prepared to give it a go?


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