Mindset Training Series #3

How to Change Your Mindset and Turn Lions Into Kittens

Everything around us is in a state of evolution, our environment, minds, bodies, attitudes to life, our mindset ... shaped by the world that we live in, our experiences and the life lessons we learn.

Our habits have formed over time and have helped us survive, many of these have been passed on from one person to another, one generation to another. It is amazing to know that 95% of our action is determined by our habits, the things we do on auto, the rituals we perform every day. No breakfast, the 3 pm biscuit break, going to sleep late, watching TV with chocolate and wine on Saturdays, stretching every day, drinking enough water, leaving work late ... some are health promoting and others are health destroying.

Not only do we do everyday things out of habit but we also have an automatic survival mechanism that kicks in when we feel threatened or alone or under stress. These habits form our reality.

The interesting thing is that we can change the outcome by changing the things we do.

Simple? Yes ...

Easy? Keep reading ...

The Danger of Ambiguity

Imagine that you were in deepest darkest Africa, exploring in one of the game reserves, you found yourself looking at the silhouette of an animal sitting on the horizon. You have no idea how big or small it is, you have no idea if that silhouette is of a lion or a much smaller cat ... what do you do?

The thing to do to ensure survival is to assume its a very hungry lion ... not to be the person who takes a chance and approaches it for a cuddle because they are the ones most likely to get eaten ...

In reality, most of us don't spend time in the wild anymore and therefore we don't see lions ... we do however encounter threats to our well being every day. For most of us, the biggest stressors are things like work, financial worries, health, relationship problems. We face stressful situations every day, these are our 'lions' that we now must try and overcome if we’re going to be successful in life.

It’s All About Perspective

In most situations, it’s all about perspective and our mindset when it comes to our reaction to threats. If we think ah that's a kitten, then we will be able to remain calm and collected even if it is a metaphorical lion.

Learning to reassess each situation and take control of our initial thoughts surrounding it, is the way that we can cope with it, respond in a controlled and measured way and ultimately survive.

Addressing the underlying reasons for viewing the world the way we do is the key here. Why do we react that way? Why is that response on auto? What are the reasons for staying stuck? Stuck in a pattern of behaviour? Is it about past experiences? Self Doubt? A lack of confidence?  Is it a habit that can be changed to serve you?

Sound Familiar?

I can't go to the gym because I don't know what to do ... (did it once and felt intimidated by all the fit people working out)


I can't prepare my food in advance ... (I would rather eat on the fly its more fun)


I can't approach that person to discuss my business idea ... (they remind me of my old boss and she laughed at my last one)

Can you see how these auto responses keep us stuck when we respond the way we do on auto, based on our past experience positive or negative, that knee jerk reaction that doesn't represent reality - until we create it ...

How do you turn your situations into kittens? Assess exactly why you’re afraid and whether or not there really is a good reason for you to be.

Change The Narrative

I'm heading to the gym - I'm meeting my friend, we are going to work out together ... I'm also going to sign up for some personal training and have a program designed for me ... I'm one of the fit people in that place ...


I know where to buy healthy lunches - when I'm at the office and will get home in time to prepare an amazing dinner that ticks the boxes. When I'm on the road I will plan my meals and prepare what I need so I don't get stuck eating service station food .... all it takes is a little planning and I know that to be 100% in control I need to do it myself.


I'm going to approach everyone I know about my business idea - I need the support and perspective of others and a critical eye is good! 

So Here's Your Challenge Today

Take another look at each situation before you respond on auto - see how this unlocks your potential in that situation and helps you move forward.

Remember: it’s all just perspective.

Change your mindset and you change the reality!

Find Out How I changed my reality ...

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Standing on top of the world

Standing on top of the world

“Do you know what, I need to just look after myself. I need to take care of me.”

When you start living like a healthy person and start eating like a healthy person, do you know what happens? All of those other things come into balance. I have developed programs, that help to support people in their fitness journey because we are all at different stages of our fitness journey. We’ve all got different challenges.

So I thought I would tell you a little bit more about what a typical journey looks like when somebody starts to work with me.

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