Mindset Training Series #4

How to Find the Drive and Determination to Work Out Every Day

Really, everyday Colette? I can hear your brain whizzing lol - how am I going to fit that into my day, I've already got a million things to do and already don't have enough time ... besides I want a life, I don't want to spend my entire life at the gym and if I did workout every day would I really achieve my dream body?

... hmm, I guess you're going to say that it boils down to how badly I want it ... right?

Yes, I know that working out is something that many of us feel we should do more of – whether that means jogging, lifting weights or training for some kind of sporting event.

The hope is that by training, we’ll be able to build more muscle and burn more fat, which in turn will give us the physique that we’re looking for. So we go about creating these elaborate training programs, filled with multiple workouts throughout the week.

We combine this with some kind of diet that involves eating a very small number of calories and we generally just force ourselves to live in discomfort for days and months to reach our goals. Except come day two, we are already wondering why we started, and will often already have considered abandoning that goal. Question is, Why?

Understanding Your Vision

Is it because we lack commitment? Focus? Never really wanted to do it in the first place? Got sold a vision of what we could look like ... perhaps, your answer is YES! to all of these. In my opinion, without the guidance and support of a good coach, it’s just too intense to stick to and we were too ambitious going it alone. I've been there and done that too, in prep for my competitions and in the evolution of my business, both scenarios have called for a coach, someone in my corner focusing on me and what a difference it made to my progress. A worthwhile investment, albeit uncomfortable. Meaningful progress takes an investment in time, effort and resources.

Being Honest About Your Reality

Think about this scenario, you’re already tired, worn out after a full on day. As a result, all you want to do is have a glass of wine and collapse on the couch ... this means that you’re inactive most evenings, but your new program calls for 5 hours of training, eek!  How do you intend to add 5 hours of training to your current routine? And then, add to that, the 30 minutes of travel, shower time and cool down after each session?

Then consider a calorie deficit, how does it feel? We all know this is what we need to achieve to actually shift any weight, this can mean less energy than you would normally have and when you are really not feeling it are you certain you will have the commitment and self-discipline to show up and work hard and eat well even though its the last thing you want to do.

How long will it take to feel like giving up?

Without the support of someone who has walked this path is actually very difficult. Staying the course takes determination and a very clear vision of where you want to be. A good coach will help you understand why you want to achieve your goals and use their skills and knowledge to build you an appropriate program that helps to nourish and support your body while you begin asking more of it, this is key to sticking to it and the key to actually achieving what you have set out to achieve.

Be Realistic

The first challenge we have is fitting everything in, and changes to your current routine will mean that things need to shift, the first thing that needs to change is your mindset. Finding a willingness to learn and push the boundaries is your first step. There’s only so much you can expect your body to accomplish in a given week and your energy (not just your time) is finite.

The advice I give my clients is to diarise their exercise sessions and not cancel. This is much more about making time rather than finding it. There are loads of ways around the issue and you will find a way to ensure you get it done, but it starts with a willingness to challenge the status quo and try something new.

For things to change, something has to change right?  ... so Instead of starting with five one hour workouts, consider three half-hour ones, you could always train from home if that is easier. It is about finding the thing that works for you and keeps you on track and gets the results you are after.


Find The Connection

To focus on your vision is the key to taking steps towards it, allowing yourself to dream about how you would look and feel once you've achieved it is a great way to get clear about what you really want. It is very easy to miss that connection between our dream and the steps we have to take to get there. So to make sure that you’re pushing in the right direction, take the time to really focus on that dream and understand what it can deliver you. Really imagine what it will feel like to accomplish your goals and use that to drive you!

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