There are a few moments in life that stick in our minds, this is one of those for me.

I can remember having a conversation with one of my clients who was heading towards a big birthday, she explained that she felt like she was becoming invisible ... puzzled by this statement I was curious to know why. This beautiful woman with a huge personality and a generous heart was standing right there in front of me ... definitely not invisible ... so I asked her to explain.

She said that throughout her life she had always managed to connect with people, she felt like she was taken seriously at work, her relationship was great, she just coped with life well, and she smiled when she said she turned heads. This gave her a big confidence boost and made her feel beautiful and like her life was good.

Her business grew from strength to strength, she always had enough energy to keep focused, she felt good about herself, managed to fit into her clothes and was happy with the image she was portraying being congruent with who she was at the time, generally happy with the direction her life was going, the blueprint she had in her mind of how life should be was looking the way she had imagined.

Then out of nowhere ...

Something in her started changing ...

She looked at this woman in the mirror and just didn't recognise her anymore ...

Her heart sank ...

OMG, she thought, where has that girl gone?

The one with all that confidence and total zest for life. She realised that she had put everyone and everything ahead of her own needs and had let herself go. While her business was flying, her figure, her health, her confidence were all dwindling.

She had finally realised that she had to start living again.

With too many close friends getting sick, she began to really appreciate that life was too short and that there were a few changes that needed to be made so she could find herself again.

She knew it was time to let go of the old and start writing a new chapter.

She just had no idea where to start ... which is when she reached out to me and asked for my help.

We had worked together in the past so she knew I could help her with her nutrition and exercise, what she realised over time was that those things are just a small part of what she really needed, she also knew my business had grown and evolved, she had seen the amazing results from my current clients and wanted those for herself!

Colette, can you take me to the next level?

My response was I'd love to!

So she filled in my form and we got chatting about the vision she had for the next chapter of her life.

What an exciting time to reinvent yourself I said, your business is good, life at home is good all we need now is to do what is necessary to bring YOU into focus. You've given it all to building an incredible lifestyle which is something to be proud of, it's your time now! Time to get yourself back, creating the space for you to do what you need to have loads of energy throughout the day, to have the figure you want, the confidence in your appearance again and knock their socks off!

Let's turn some heads again, shall we?! and get you to the place where you are living that ideal life you have dreamt about ...

Is it time for YOU?

I love working with female business owners to help them bring all their drive for business, to focus on themselves, the magic starts with a desire to change and a willingness to trust the process ... the knock on is transformation - very exciting to see.

To find out more about the Ultimate Body Formula Program, head on over to my website and download my Woman In Motion Cheat Sheet, where I share 3 things you can do today to move forward and start taking steps to do what's needed with confidence.

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The formula I have developed has evolved over the last 13 years and I use my very best tried and tested methods to help each person. There is no one size fits all program. Get in touch, let's see if I can help you too.

To find out more about the program, head on over to my website and download my Woman In Motion Cheat Sheet.

or fill out my form and tell me more about where you are at.

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