My dad always told me about how quickly life goes by the older we get, I never really understood that statement as a child. At this stage of my life, I have no doubt in my mind that it does! My weeks fly by as I'm sure do yours, the question I ask myself at the end of each one is where did that week go? Where did that month go ... what happened in that year ...

Many of you know I have worked with coaches over the last few years for my business and also for my competitions, I have invested a lot of money in my own personal development and training and still feel like there is so much to learn and do with my life, that is flying by at a rate of knots ...

Yikes! So how do we stop time and do what we want to do and LIVE our dreams?

I was listening to a chat the other day about this woman who lost a massive amount of weight just drinking meal replacement shakes. She then started eating proper food and put it back on and proceeded to yo-yo diet for specific events throughout the year. She realised after her second bout of flu that this was no way to live and enjoy her life.

So like so many of us she started eating normally on the weekends so she could have a glass of wine and chocolate pudding, a pizza with the kids and then starving herself in the week, thinking she just needed to cut out food and let her body deal, only eating when she was hangry ... well day 1 went well - lol - been there?

OK then she discovers the latest fad, everyone is eating low fat ... yes, that must be the answer ... nope, that didn't work!  OK, maybe high fat? Maybe paleo, maybe low gluten, maybe no carbs ... argg you can see where this leads. Its no wonder we all end up so confused about what to eat and when and how much and then we set ourselves up to fail because we are unhappy and craving food and feeling low because we are missing out and then because we have left ourselves in a malnourished state we get depressed and sick ...

Yes? I know these feelings well!

Before you know it another year has passed and you've still not hit that elusive target weight that you had in your mind. How much I should weigh, what size clothing I should be wearing, how thin my legs should be ...

Are you this person?

This is what I call sleepwalking through life ... not actually living it or enjoying it fully ... we choose to live it in snippets, a night out with friends, a holiday away with the family, a night in to watch TV, eating too much of the wrong stuff, overdoing it and then feeling guilty drinking 5 litres of water and detox tea and then starving yourself to get back on track ...

OK! I'm calling this today!

Just STOP!

Stop the negative self-talk and let go!

LET GO the preconceived idea of what you should look like, what you should weigh and what size clothing you should wear!

Instead, FOCUS on the things that bring you JOY.

From today ...

Start living the life you want to live as though you are that person who is in shape, healthy and happy. Make the food choices that person would make. Make the effort to exercise the way that person would exercise and LIVE!  There is no point waiting until you are size [blah] to go and buy that gorgeous dress you saw, go buy it and wear it with pride. Get enough sleep, drink enough water and enjoy the moments that make you happy. Look after your health and before you know it, everything will come into balance and you will shift more excess in this state than you ever would drinking meal replacements and starving yourself.

Remember your energy flows where your focus goes ... focus on the things that bring you joy!

Is it time for YOU?

I love working with female business owners to help them bring all their drive for business, to focus on themselves, to find the formula that works so that its a no brainer to live your life to the full. Healthy, fit and well so you can cope with anything that life throws your way!

The magic starts with a desire to change and a willingness to trust the process ...

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To find out more about the program, head on over to my website and download my Woman In Motion Cheat Sheet.
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