Hiiii Goddesses !! Colette here. I just wanted to say hello on this amazing day. I wanted to update you on a few changes that have been happening inside Pure Form Fitness, and put you in the picture as to who I serve, what I do, and see whether I can help you.

I have rebranded. You'll see in the image above that I've rebranded as the Goddess Academy. That's really because there are so many different things that I offer to help female business owners up-level themselves so that they look and feel better, so that they find energy for life and are able to show up every single day with purpose, with passion, and deliver what they need to deliver in their businesses and at home.

There is an Energy For Life Action Plan that you can download, and I'll put a link to it in this post. If you feel like you are low on energy every day, you just cannot seem to get yourself going, download the action plan. It will really help you. There are three actionable steps I share, things that you can do today that will just change the way that you view yourself and view your life and your environment, so download it.

Then, I've upgraded a whole load of things, and I'm so excited about what it's going to mean for my clients, what it's going to mean for people who are finding my page. It's just become very, very clear to me who I love helping to reinvent themselves, the women I serve and what I can help you do.

I just wanted to start from the beginning and let you know just a little bit of history related to the changes and why they've come about.

About five years ago now, and some of you will know the story, I got back from a holiday in Antigua,  we'd been sailing. We'd had an incredible time. We'd found this amazing little bar that served pain killer cocktails. I can remember just having loads of those. We stopped over for a couple of days and just spent time in this place called Green Bay. We took quite a few photos of ourselves while we were there. I can remember having a look at them and seeing this girl reflected back at me who just wasn't the girl that I thought that I was. She looked older than I knew I was. I just felt old. I knew I was overweight. I felt like my energy levels were slipping. I felt like no matter what I tried, it just didn't seem to work.

That was just the first aha moment for me where I suddenly went,

"Oh my gosh. That's what I look like."

Oh my gosh, I've got to do something about this because I'm ageing before my time. I'm heading towards all of those health issues that being overweight brings diabetes, stroke and heart disease and all of these things that we worry about as we get older. Not to mention not living to my fullest potential because I was struggling to cope with the demands on my energy. I knew that I had to do something about it.

At the time I was teaching round about 20 classes a week so I should have been fit and lean and strong, and I knew I was fit, but I was fat. I was kind of a fit fat girl if that makes any sense. Those photographs just showed me exactly where I was at. I decided that I had to do something to help myself.

So I set off on this discovery voyage to go and find a formula or find the formula that worked for me. I tried everything. I tried Atkins. I tried diets where I cut out whole food groups. I tried high protein. I tried high fat. I tried low fat, tried low carb, tried everything under the sun to try and get myself on track. None of it worked because I wasn't being true to myself. I wasn't up-levelling my own priority, on my priority list. I was just trying and looking for a quick fix, and these things don't exist. The magic pill doesn't exist. You've actually got to put yourself in front of yourself and go,

"Do you know what, I need to just look after myself. I need to take care of me."

When you start living like a healthy person and start eating like a healthy person, do you know what happens? All of those other things come into balance. I have developed programs, that help to support people in their fitness journey because we are all at different stages of our fitness journey. We've all got different challenges.

So I thought I would tell you a little bit more about what a typical journey looks like when somebody starts to work with me.


A client will come along. They'll invariably download my Energy For Live Action Plan, for an introduction to my 3 practical steps to take care of the important things in life and start to improve the confidence, vitality and purpose so they show up and are productive all day!


I know that everything in life must be progressive in order to make long term changes to the way we take care of ourselves and each other, with this in mind I have designed a Step-By-Step Progression Method that helps women get their shizzle together every day.

Step 1

Once you've downloaded the Action Plan, you will be offered an opportunity to participate in my next five-day life detox boot camp, which is an online Bootcamp, which will help you put everything in perspective.

So you'll be able to look at your life, your environment, at the way that you prepare your food, whether you put or set aside some time to look after yourself and find the way forward.

I take you through five critical steps over five days, that will help you take the first steps to take care of this.

Step 2

From there joining me on my  21-day challenge will be the start of taking care of your nutrition.

You know what? Nutrition is 80% of the battle.

If you can get your food right, all of these other things will happen.

Your body doesn't want to be overweight. Your body wants to be healthy and strong and vital and wants to be full of energy. 

Once you've done that, I will then invite you to a chat with me and we can talk about the next steps. There are various things that we can do. I've got a membership site that I'm in the process of building and will be on offer very soon.

Step 3

My Ultimate Body Formula Program is where most of my clients really start to see the transformation in their lives and businesses from there we progress.

The program is an opportunity to really fine-tune nutrition and exercise. We put those things together with mindset work and start to have a look at your whole life. It's a very holistic program and you work through eight weeks of content with me. There is a member only hub that delivers the content and I will keep you on track with weekly accountability calls.

The transformation that happens in my clients' lives when they start to do all of these really simple things, getting fit, getting healthy, getting well, looking after themselves, it's all simple stuff. It's just not easy. Very often, we just need somebody in our corner to help us, and that's where I come in.


That is the service that I offer. I teach people how to eat well, how to look after themselves and nourish their bodies so that they don't have all these silly cravings that keep us stuck, to actually make some time for themselves and uplevel themselves on their priority lists. That's in essence what I do.

The transformation that follows has an impact on their entire life. So it affects their relationships, it affects the way they view themselves, they obviously fit into their clothing, feel different about themselves.

The next level then is to step into shoes of the GODDESS and start looking at personal branding, you are given an opportunity to be styled by a professional stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist and then have a look at how your new confident self is reflected in life, in business. As your confidence grows your relationships get better and you step into your Ultimate Goddess, reflecting this in your life and business. 

If you want to have a little chat to me, you can fill in my form when you download my Action Plan or you can go to the CONTACT page on this website and fill in my form, there's nothing to sell on the call, so please don't feel that there's any obligation. We have an informal chat about what it is that you need and see whether we are a good fit and whether working together is an option. If it's something of interest, then we'll talk about it, either way, there's no pressure.

Okay. So that's a typical client journey and the steps needed to reinvent yourself.

When somebody comes to start working with me, invariably their clothing doesn't fit, they've got low energy, no focus in their lives. Their relationships are struggling. Maybe they're struggling at work. It could be anything. It could be a big birthday that's coming up. There's usually an aha moment. There's something that happens that works as a catalyst to get you to the point where you have to start taking control. For me, it was the photograph. For me, it was seeing myself reflected back and just going, "Oh my God. I have to do something."

If you're having those feelings, then this is the time to reach out for some help. Get some help from somebody. It doesn't have to be me. I'd love to help you, and if you are the right fit for my business, then obviously we can talk. But invariably, you want somebody in your corner who can help you, guide you, coach you, hold you accountable, and show you the way. Someone who's walked that walk is the person that is best-placed to help you.

Once they've gone through the process, they just feel different. I've got a client who was having a very difficult time at work, and she was just really, really stressed a lot of the time, hated going to the office. Her health was suffering. Her mental health was suffering. Her relationships were suffering. It was only when she had an aha moment where she decided she has to change something, that she started looking for help. She realised she needed it. That's when we made contact and she started working with me.

We are still working together and it's a year on. In fact, even longer than that, a year and a half. She is going from strength to strength. Her body is in incredible shape. She's got her nutrition under control. It's not simple. Every day there's a choice that you make. Every day you choose to eat well, to live well, to get into the gym to exercise, to take care of yourself, because if you're not taking care of yourself, you can't expect to take care of the people around you, and your family needs you. They need you to be 100% firing. The same as the people in your business. They need you to be on the ball. They need you to be firing and turning up and having loads of energy and actually leading the team.

She came to me and we started working through all of the basic things. She started getting all of these simple things right, and before she knew it, her energy levels started to grow. Before she knew it, her relationships were looking better because she was being honest with herself. She then started her own business, left her employment because it was causing such a drain on her. She made the decision to leave and to start something fresh.

I look at her now, a year on, oh my goodness, what a completely different person. That's because she trusted herself to figure it out. She came to me for some help and she has just followed every single step in my process and she's walked through it. She's come out the other side feeling strong, feeling fit, looking incredible, feeling confident, and her business is booming.


There you go. The only thing you need to worry about today is looking after yourself, okay?

Put yourself on your priority list, download my action plan and see where that takes you, and I hope that that serves you. Any questions, please shout. Fill in my form if you want to have a chat. Like I've said to you, there's no obligation on that chat at all. All I want to do is help.


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