Firstly, a very warm welcome to my website, I'm so pleased you are here!

My name is Colette Pienaar. If you are an ambitious woman and want to use your drive for success to get the body you have always wanted. To feel stronger, more confident with boundless energy, then you've come to the right place. The Transformational Coaching you can access here brings clarity and focus and will help you take care of the fundamentals that get in the way of having it all, the healthy strong body, business and family life. I help you understand what you have to do and in what order. I guarantee you will find more confidence and learn how to increase your energy, so you show up full of purpose and are productive all day.

So who am I and what’s the story?



Colette Pienaar is a health and fitness entrepreneur, with a huge vision to help as many women as she can #RISE so they become the best version of themselves ... and walk in the shoes of their inner #GODDESS with confidence and purpose.

She is the Founder of Pure Form Fitness, a coaching and consulting company. With a wide history in retail buying, Interior Design, an MBA, an Advanced Personal Training Qualification with years and years of experience, she specialises in body transformations, health and wellness and is a seasoned fitness professional who lives and breathes what she teaches every day. Colette works with ambitious women who are motivated to create the life of their dreams. This year REPS featured her Ultimate Body Formula Program as part of their Coaching Week Focus and she has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and has earned her PRO card for placing in her elegant ladies category from the FMC.

Colette has over 10 years’ worth of experience in corporate as a retail buyer, as an entrepreneur, she has 19 years of experience to draw from her time in Interior Design & Development and as a Fitness Professional. She has helped women find their fitness, health and confidence and has created programs that have been tried and tested with proven results. She was featured on Celebrity Big Brother as the trainer who got everyone out of bed and into a crazy fun spin class. She has competed in and placed in various bodybuilding competitions across the UK, namely Pure Elite, placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in three categories, she went on to win her PRO card through the FMC placing 2nd in her category.

She works with her clients not only to build their #ENERGYFORLIFE she also helps them develop their newfound confidence so it permeates into their business. She has invested heavily in self-development over the last 3 years. Colette is a Member of REPS.

Driven by her obsession to LIVE her best life, to BE in THE BEST SHAPE of her life and CONNECTED with those around her. With this comes a huge commitment to helping those she comes into contact with on a day to day basis to feel better about themselves, to have a positive impact on the world and create a much happier, kinder place.

Her mission is to help as many ambitious women as she can, put themselves first, to feel and look fantastic and to understand how to maintain their health. She believes everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their skin and to know how to fill their lives with energy so they show up with purpose and passion and are productive all day.

She is writing a book this year and has created The GODDESS Academy, a tribe of women that stands behind a mission to be kind, to stand in their value so they can deliver in business and in life and make the world a happier place.



My greatest achievements are getting married to an amazing man, who then whisked me away to London 25 years ago (my dad called him the thief, for many years), we met, got married and started a new life together in the UK with £650 to our name. Since then we have worked hard to build the life we have and have made plenty of sacrifices along the way to do so. I am a mum to four dogs ... lol ... yes, you read that right, we chose not to have children and so we have filled our house with dogs. We contribute to animal and environmental charities as these two things are very close to our hearts.

Let me start at the beginning and tell you more…

I grew up in South Africa, I am the eldest child of three and my whole family still live in SA. My parents are incredible humans who I love and have the utmost respect for, I still miss them & my brothers every day, living so far away is tough at times and there is so much we miss out on not being closer to home. My brothers are incredible and have done exceptionally well in life. My dad is the entrepreneur ! and I blame him for my entrepreneurial flair and my mum is the rock that has held us all together. Both generous and loving souls that did everything to provide the best for us growing up.

I am ambitious, driven and passionate, I am a ‘high achiever’ who never settles until the job is done and done well. I have a very diverse educational background that started when I left secular education at standard 8 (GCSE level) and was given the opportunity to attend a Private School for the last two years of my high school education. I was Head Girl for my Matric Year. Following that I took a gap year and went to Art College and then onto to studying Clothing Production Management in Johannesburg, I qualified with a Clothing Production Management Diploma with Distinction.

I always wanted to run my own business but knew I would have to do some time in the trenches and learn as much as I could, so I found a job at one of the largest retailers in Fourways, working in ladies fashion, I was promoted to a supervisory level in 6 months and from there applied to be accepted onto the Merchant Development Program so that I could be a retail buyer and travel the world!

My life changed direction when I met my husband and got married, he had applied for a transfer and, that came through shortly after we got married. I was in my early twenties and the world was my oyster! We were so excited to be heading overseas, how much fun we would have and how much of the world we could see.

So, we headed to the UK with 3 suitcases, we had sold all our worldly possessions and had £650 ... but we were in love and this was the opportunity of a lifetime! Oh but what if we fail? ... this was never an option, we were going to set ourselves up, work hard, travel and create a safe environment to live. It took us a month or so to find a place to rent, to set up our bank account and bills, to find the right places to shop a gym to train in and make ourselves feel like we would be ok, this was an entire way of life we had to learn that was totally foreign to us.

I started working as a department assistant at The House of Fraser in London, I was promoted to Assistant Buyer within a year of joining, I loved my job, but I felt like I needed to do more to learn more. So I started a certificate in Management at the Open University with the idea to continue on to an MBA. I made friends with people who saw the world from a high-performance perspective. I had finally met like people. We all wanted more for our lives and were chasing our dreams.

After 4 years I started looking for my next opportunity and accepted an Assistant Buyer position at Allders, 2 years later my first opportunity at learning a totally different skill set came with an offer to work with a brand new company called ABCAZ, they were a startup (risky I know), building a search engine, they had a fantastic vision and needed the expertise of retail buyers to put it all together, what an incredible experience for me. I learned so much about what it takes to run a business, from raising venture capital to understanding the nuts and bolts of how the system worked, to dealing with our suppliers, the retailers that linked into the engine to managing my team of compilers. What an exciting place to work, we were creating something new, something that had the potential to be outstanding and I was a part of it. I was also in the final year of my MBA and life was good.

After 2 years of building, the business had grown to over 100 people, the decision was made to downsize. The business had run out of capital. So I decided to take a leap of faith, take voluntary redundancy and start my own business. All the lessons I had learned over the years, would help me make the right decisions, from having the artistic flair of an Art College Graduate to understanding how to build ranges of products that sell from my buying days to running my team of compilers, the rigorous training my MBA brought to my life.

So, I took 3 months, finished off my MBA and started a new venture. DESIGNA INTERIORS was it, I felt this would give me the opportunity to use all my business development skills and to help people live in beautiful surrounds designed and implemented by me. So I started on my own home, then did a few favours for friends, worked for a developer for a couple of years, doing the projects that I wanted to do, the biggest Grand Design is the house we are now living in.

So property development, interior design and implementation ... sounded good and that's what I thought I'd be doing from there on in, but I've come to realise that life has a funny way of helping you change direction by stealth, just when you think you have it all mapped out. It's amazing how telling my story here has helped me make all these connections. While I was offering my interior design services, I decided to train as a spin instructor to keep fit and get myself into the gym, at this point I was finding it hard to prioritise taking time for me and I knew instinctively that I had to make it a habit, and no longer negotiate with myself and so my career in fitness began. That was 2005.

Before I knew it I had more classes than I expected and loads more training programs I wanted to do, I felt like everything was coming together, I was feeling in control of my health, I had more opportunities to work in this amazing industry than anything I had experienced before and so I made the decision to close my interior design business and throw myself into fitness full time. I realised that I there were only so many classes I could physically teach and so went on to train as an Advanced Personal Trainer, I opened a small studio at home and helped my clients get fitter and stronger in this space for 8 years.

I realised over the years that I love working with women, seeing their confidence grow as they get their lives back has been the thing that makes it all worthwhile. The programs that I have developed have helped to transform the lives of so many people. The formula I use as part of my Goddess Academy programs today is proven, effective and produces results that can be maintained long term.

I know this because I have done it myself, I know exactly what it takes to get your life under control, to feed your body and mind so that you are able to function and show up with purpose.

About 5 years ago now I can remember looking at holiday photos of our time in Antigua, we had such an amazing holiday and I really felt rested when I got back. Then I started looking at the photos, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the person reflected back looked tired, overweight and old, OMG that was me ... I felt like I was ageing before my time and it scared me. I realised that this happened because I had thrown all my energy and focus on building my business and lost sight of a very important thing ... me ...


This light bulb moment is where I decided that I had to get my health back, to start looking after myself better, I had to take care of this so that I could show up in life. I had the hard knock that rocked my confidence and can help other women avoid making the same mistakes. When I took care of this there began a massive life-changing transformation in more than one area of my life, which was the most exciting place to be.

As a result, I now work with female business owners who are serious about making changes to the way they treat themselves, I believe the world will be a happier, kinder place when this happens because the way we treat others is symptomatic of the way we treat ourselves.

I've realised that the first step is to find the path between the heart and the mind, and I have created The Goddess Academy specifically to enable women to find the open road to travel between these two fundamental things.

This is where we find balance and create a happier more grounded and connected GODDESS, someone who looks after the machine driving her forward ... herself ... once we get that right everything else is up-levelled as a result.

So I'm excited to be here and looking forward to serving you the goddess!

Colette Pienaar



I believe we find our humanity in taking care of animals, which is why I don't eat them and do my best to protect them, they can't fight for themselves so we need to do exactly that

I find freedom on my motorbike, I love the power and raw sound of the DUC as I open up the throttle, best when lying low on the tank

I believe there are no half measures in life, we have to LIVE, we only have one chance to best to make the most of every day

My first go at running my own business was selling brightly coloured trousers at the flea market in Johannesburg, I had bought the fabric, cut the pattern and made them myself, I was 17

Spending time in the African bush watching wildlife is food for my soul, to see animals in the wild is something we must protect, this is why we contribute to animal conservation charities

I love the sea, the water mesmerises me and makes me feel totally relaxed, I always imagine mermaids frolicking under the waves, makes me smile

The mountains make me feel grounded, I love the Canadian Rockies especially on a snowboard

I love dogs! If we had a farm, we would have as many as we could feed

I learned how to play the recorder at school and taught myself to play the piano well enough to lead worship at my local church when I was 20

I sang in a youth group/church band from 16-21

I got engaged in 3 months of meeting my husband, married 3 months later and we were living in the UK 2 months after that

I love the preparation involved in competing in bodybuilding competitions, the discipline it takes to get to the point of being stage ready is brutal but so rewarding

I have always been fascinated by the body, our health and what it means to be healthy, biology was one of my favourite subjects at school

I saw snow for the first time when I was 10, I was at my best friends birthday party in Johannesburg

I love cycling and try to get out onto the road for a few hours a week, it is really fun riding as a group but a solitary experience, cave time is what I like to call it

I love the moon and the stars and find myself drawn to numerology and astrology

I believe that we rise by lifting others, it costs nothing to be kind, so my mission is just to be kind

I was born on my grannies 45th birthday, 2 days before my dad's birthday

I LOVE preparing food for my loved ones, brings me huge amounts of pleasure when they enjoy what I've made

I write every day, whether that be for my clients, my own blog, journal or for my book

I take time out for myself most days, to do this I get up early so I can journal and plan the day ahead, then get a couple of hours done before the household wakes up

I love waking up to the sounds of birds chattering - we have a tree outside our bedroom and it always makes me smile to hear them say hiiii