Colette's life philosophy is centred on the 3 STEP FORMULA she shares in her WOMAN IN MOTION CHEATSHEET, with this she helps to inspire those around her to "take control and get their bodies into the best possible condition".

Having successfully gone through her own personal transformation in the past, Colette makes taking the action required to get your dream lifestyle, body and mindset simple and achievable, the knock on to other fundamental areas of life is undeniable.

She works with ambitious women who are experiencing big shifts and changes in their lives that are driving them to "take action now" to access more focus and productivity and fuel on-demand energy to deliver in life, better in health and fitness, better in relationships, better in business, creating the Best Version of themselves.

Through her Ultimate Body Formula Program, Colette equips her clients to embrace life and live it, better, stronger and in a more focused way that reveals the Dream Lifestyle for each of her clients.

With more ambitious women taking active steps to get fitter than ever before, Colette believes the transformation adventure is "a journey worth taking" and has worked to build a community of like-minded individuals who are active, supportive and inspirational.

Colette lives in her favourite part of the UK, the home of the "good life", Surbiton in Surrey, with her husband and 4 crazy dogs!