What happens when you get your shizzle together…

What happens when you get your shizzle together…

Hiya …

Here Rod and I are at lunch together, I was looking at this photo today and it occurred to me how much better I feel about myself now than I did 3 years ago …

Dropping all that excess weight and embracing the changes I was making to my body wasn’t just about being happier in myself or about proving I could do something remarkable, or having boundless energy and being able to do the simple things in life, liked fit into my clothes, it was about everything else that was affected by it, most importantly my relationships …

Rewind with me for a moment …

When I was at my heaviest there is no doubt I was at my unhappiest too, I felt lost, frustrated and totally trapped in my current body, attitude and outlook. I also felt incredibly lonely, isolated and like I couldn’t talk to anyone about how I was feeling, they just wouldn’t get it. The girl with everything … unhappy? Seriously? Get a grip, there are worse things happening in the world … this was how it would go down in my head all the time … see what I mean?

Let’s fast forward now …

Now that my confidence has grown, I am more fulfilled and focused than ever, I have loads of energy and have some amazing friends, who surprise surprise, totally get where I was and how far I’ve come and are supportive and actually encouraged me along the way …

The moral of the story is to realise that the happier you are in yourself, the more confident, positive and determined, the more you attract people with a magical quality that is difficult to put your finger on …

But those closest to you, your husband, your family, your best friends, your colleagues

… they all see it …

Your outside matches your inside and your relationships get better. You become better connected with yourself and therefore with others and you become a massive source of inspiration and hope to those around you, it’s a very special place and something to embrace when you go through a similar journey. A positive action like this becomes contagious and the knock on is immeasurable …

Are you at that place now? Where, you know your relationships are suffering because you are unhappy and taking it out on those around you?

You lack confidence … don’t feel like you can talk about it …

Then trust me and find out more about what I did to shift it … because you can do the same …


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Do you fill your time with STUFF?

Do you fill your time with STUFF?

Today I am sitting at my desk writing this post and reflecting on how far things have come for me over the last few years. Like many busy, ambitious women building careers and businesses, I was always working, never taking time out unless it was fleeting, never actually taking care of me because everything else seemed so much more important and well I just had to get on with it, I told myself, I’d be fine …

I realised after seeing holiday snaps that something had to change for me, I needed to get my body back and my life in balance, I realised that I filled my time with STUFF and once I’d cleared the clutter my life became so much simpler.

The question is do you do this too? Fill your time with STUFF?

Filling every waking moment just so you don’t have to look at yourself and take stock of where you are at or be honest about how you feel about yourself?

So driven to be successful in one area of your life that you have forgotten how success feels in others?

Do you start your day focused and driven and motivated and when you start to get tired you continue regardless of saying everything will be FINE, this is temporary? Having forgotten how important the little things are, that keep you healthy and sane?

This is exactly where I was and a state I can easily get to if I’m not committed to my plan and that is success in EVERY area of my life.

That means valuing my own time enough to prepare my food so I know I’m getting the right nutrition, being focused at work so I get through what I need to get through with minimal interruption, taking time to breathe when I need it and yes ironically this is every day.

Getting through the important things so that when I do relax I take the time to properly decompress. The value of which is evident in my productivity, my resilience, my energy, my focus.

So I now see my downtime as just as important as my work time.

Having dinner with friends to reconnect is good for the soul, watching a movie with hubby and sharing a whisky, pups sitting with us, is magic.

Getting to the gym even when I have a massive pile of client files to review is such an excellent stress reliever for me plus I get to maintain my figure, then grabbing a coffee on my way back to the office to tackle the stuff on my desk feeling renewed and focused is what I am talking about.

So often we forget about the little things, smelling the roses, taking in a view, sending a silly pic to a friend, taking time to connect with those around you, but these things are the spice of life and the happy moments in your day that make it all worthwhile.

Today I’m gonna take an hour out and appreciate the little things … HBU?

Our lives are fleeting and days are the thing that we run out of super quick. It’s not like you can pick up another pack of time from Waitrose. So make the most of it today, do the things that are important, the things that are going to benefit you and move you forward in your journey to success in every area of your life.

Be EXCEPTIONAL today ladies! Take some time back for you.

This is something of a focus on the Ultimate Body Formula program because without you around in a healthy, happy place, doing everything you do will take its toll.

So take a few minutes here and download my cheat sheet where you can discover a bit more about the program and how it will help you take care of this.

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Can’t pour from an empty cup…

Can’t pour from an empty cup…

So this week has been about clearing the decks after closing my studio, reorganising my home and making arrangements for the space we now have, in the lead up to this week I have had so much to deal with in preparation, that finally getting here has left me with an – ok so what’s next – conversation in my head.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m not the most patient person when it comes to doing things – I’m continually striving to move forward – I love achieving my objectives and do what’s needed to get there … yes, I am patient in planning but once my mind is made up that’s it – action is required!

I’m a doer!

Always have been …

Consequently, this last week has felt like torture, almost like I’ve been lacking direction, like my mojo is buried and I’ve been dragging my feet, trying to motivate myself, to get moving.

The truth is I AM making progress, moving forward, planning, doing.

Yes, all the right things …

This feeling of treading water is really in my head …


Ever feel like this?

Today I found myself feeling frustrated, again … putting pressure on myself to do something about it. I was walking my dogs, thinking it through, taking time for me to refocus & decompress and I finally realised that I don’t have a magic wand 🤗

Recognised! Called it what it is and made a decision! Rather than get low and depressed about a seeming lack of progress I have chosen to give myself the time and to focus on doing what I can do …

Today that is to breathe and give me space …

Sometimes we need it …

It’s easy to forget that the changes required on the journey to transformation, whether in body, mind, lifestyle, business or all of the above, can be challenging and sometimes we just need to wait for the dust to settle …

Truth is none of us can pour from an empty cup we have to take care of ourselves first.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing ✌🏻

Happy Friday all !! Fill your cup this weekend !!


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When everything blends into one…

When everything blends into one…

Morning beautiful over achieving ladies, a few thoughts as we head into Wednesday.

We are halfway through the week and guess what I’ve still not achieved what I planned this week … my to-do list is huge and I’m feeling a little frazzled and stressed and trying to stay in control and calm … I need coffee !! Then I need to prioritise …

Sound familiar?

This week I have really struggled to focus. I’ve so many things going on at the moment I feel like no matter what I tackle next it won’t make a difference. So I make lists, I cross things off, I do the easy to do jobs first, then do something fun, then go back to the list, start another job that will take more time than I have avail but have to start knowing I’ll be interrupted and will have to start again, argggg … before I know it the day will be over and I’ll still not have got through everything, it’s going to be a late one I can just feel it …

Sounding familiar now?

For many of us, this is the way we begin our day and as a consequence,

This mindset is the way that every day goes. Spinning wheels!

Not sure about you but for me this sucks! I hate feeling like I’m treading water and not actually making progress and starting off my day, feeling defeated is not how I want to live my life!

So what do you think? Is this just about an ability to prioritise things?

Or Not procrastinating …

Is this about time management?

Or Not being able to say no …

Is it about being overwhelmed all the time and not able to see the wood from trees?

OR is an inability to focus a symptom of other things that are out of balance in life?

The truth is that we’ve all been there … and yes it is about all of the above!

So how do we overcome this feeling of overwhelm, of getting nowhere fast of failing every day to get through an unrealistic and never-ending list of things to do?

The question to ask is will your life fall apart if you don’t fill every waking moment with things to do?

Does staying busy keep you distracted, from other things going on in your life?

The simple answer for me a few years ago was YES, totally – hook line and sinker!

Distracted from things that were difficult to cope with, so like many overachievers I threw myself into my biz, keeping busy made me feel like I was adding value and despite a few bumps in the road, I felt like I was achieving something which made me feel valued and like I was important …

What I didn’t realise at the time is that I was missing out on life!

It was only when I recognised that my own sense of WORTH was directly linked to how busy I was and how much money I earned and how many clients I had and what car I drove and where I lived and what I ate and what wine I drank that things began to change for me.

This was totally flawed logic and so incredibly superficial…

I know that now but at the time I couldn’t see it …

It was only when my dad had his 70th birthday and I headed home to SA and got to spend some time with my family and friends and took time out of my routine, that I started to see life differently and to value my time on this planet more and realised that there is so much more to life than rushing from A to B, working my way through to do lists that never end, that my relationships were way more important than anything else and that I needed to take care of me. I realised that the world wouldn’t fall apart if I changed my personal priority on the list of things that needed taking care of. In fact, I was the one thing standing in the way of my success in biz! I had to find a way to change things so that I could do the things I wanted to do … to be successful in every area of my life!

Once I’d made that shift … my life changed for the better.

I started to fight for the things I wanted, I started to focus on the things that were important and upgrade my own priority on the list.

I realised I had to grow up and took control of a few things.

I made a decision to shift a few priorities around and started investing time where it was important.

I started to realise a few home truths.

If I’ve had enough sleep, everything feels manageable
If I’ve eaten well and given my body what it needs to recover, I have loads of energy
If I’ve taken time out of my day for me, everything moves into perspective

So the big question is where are you this morning?

Frantic or calm and focused?

How do you cope with being in this vicious cycle this catch 22 state where you feel overwhelmed? and more importantly, how do you move out of it?

When I did this …

My health improved,
I got my body in shape,
My relationships got better,
I got my confidence back and started to turn heads again,
No longer old before my time, no longer frumpy or unfit, no longer hanging onto behaviours that were keeping me trapped.

I felt free again, a bit like that 16-year-old me that used to wiz down the hill on her bicycle, wind in her hair, feeling alive and vibrant and full of energy without a care in the world.

So I committed myself to living each moment for that moment … to being connected … engaged and totally present.

I realised that the busy for busy sake life sucked! And that

I was the only person on the planet responsible for my happiness!

The quicker you move from catch 22 to being in control and the pilot of your plane of life the better for you, you’ll find more time to actually live and enjoy your time rather than watch those around you flourish while you struggle.

What is the secret?

Well, let’s have a chat about where you are at and where you want to be, I’ll share with you exactly how you can gain access to the support you’ll need to do this.

All you need to do is connect with me, click here, to download my How to Get What You Want Cheat Sheet and find which 4 steps I took that started me out on the path of action and got me moving forward. Follow the links to fill in my form and book a no obligation chat, there is nothing to sell on the call so please don’t feel like you’ll be subjected to hard sell. It’s simply a chance for us to connect and if we are a good fit and you want to know more about the program, sure we can have a chat about it.

So get going on that cheat sheet and find out how you can get what you want, commit yourself to living each moment for that moment, be connected, engaged and totally present, living your life and getting what you want out of it.

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A message for supportive partners…

A message for supportive partners…

I was going through my photos the other day and came across this one, I remember feeling really happy, confident and so supported and loved by my hubby that day.

We had just finished a photo shoot on a modelling holiday that I had booked to get some great photos for my biz, a week in Marbella, bliss! He had come along intending to chill at the pool and not really get involved. Things changed when we were given the opportunity to head to the hills and do a joint shoot.

So off we went and we ended up having fun and getting some great shots in the end.
Anyway, this photo captured exactly how I felt that day.

This is a message to partners who think they are being supportive …

The question is are you really?

When a potential client approaches me asking for help and we get to the point where we are a good fit and I know I can help her get results and we move on to talking about how it works, we design a plan to move things forward and we talk about the investment required. One of the main objections we need to overcome is the financial commitment the program requires, not with the client but with her other 1/2, we all need a sounding board and time to think things through, I get it.

Having invested heavily in myself over the last 4 years, I understand what this process feels like so this post is really in support of ladies looking to invest in themselves who need to run it past a partner and discuss the financial implications.

Sadly there are always one or two who are desperate to get the support they need, while they face the changes they are experiencing. And they are talked out of it simply because their partner doesn’t get how important this process is.

So this post is really for your partner … use it as a tool to help you discuss it and find the value in it together and then make the decision that is right for you.

Hopefully, this will help you find reasons why you should do a program like this, and why it is so important, rather than focus on the reasons not to do it.

This goes further than finding the money but we will start there …

Allowing her to get ahead will really help her build her confidence, she has a unique opportunity now to find herself again and to be the best version of herself she can be.

That sexy, sassy woman you fell in love with will be back with so much more to give, loads of energy and a quality about her that you’ll love and admire.

So while you consider the investment, start by adding up how much money you spend on booze every week? Or cake? Or lunches out? Or coffee from your fav coffee shop …

Ever considered that you always find money for these things? plus the latest iPhone, new trainers, designer briefcase or wallet … a new suit or pair of shoes for work … a new bicycle …

Very often we don’t even bat an eyelid spending the money here …

Does this mean that these things are more valuable to you than your health or the health of your partner?

Hell NO! Its just a matter of priority and yes I get it, very few of us have an unlimited pot to draw from … and here’s the rub …

Maybe you don’t feel the need to invest in your own health and therefore can’t get your head around why she needs to do this for herself.

Maybe when you look at yourself in the mirror you still feel good, when she looks at herself all she sees is the person she’s become and longs to get her body back, her energy back and not feel quite so drained and unhealthy all the time. Just to fit into her clothing would be a bonus and to be able to go shopping without worrying about her size.

Maybe you are motivated enough to get to the gym and able to keep your weight under control, maybe you find it easy to switch off from everything that interrupts your focus on a day to day basis.

The truth is at the moment she can’t … its the way we are wired.

We are nurturers, caregivers and more often than not this drive comes at the expense of her health, fitness and wellbeing and while she won’t be able or willing to articulate it or may not even be aware of the impact this is having on her overall satisfaction with life there will come a time, maybe that time is now, where it all comes into focus and needs to be addressed and guess what, she needs your support to do it!

So this is really about how she feels about herself … her world and where she fits in it. Her dreams and the perfect life she is creating for herself and her family, yes that’s you.

When we face change we are presented with a unique opportunity to review our lives, to figure out what’s working and what’s not working. To shift from where we are to where we want to be. The most effective way to do this is with the help of someone who has been there and done it, someone who has experienced it all and can help and support in a unique way, a way filled with the wisdom that comes from experience.

Think about this for a minute …

In the last 48 hours what have, you said these 3 words about … ??

I (we) can’t afford …
> food?
> the mortgage?
> a beer or a glass of wine at the pub?
> a new car?
> joining a gym?
> a meal out at a fancy restaurant?
> an appointment with a massage therapist?
> another holiday?

Now before you dismiss her and say NO to the program that will fundamentally change her life and improve how she feels about you and how supportive you are …

Think about where you place the most value?

Is it in “things” or in health?

How often do we talk ourselves out of doing the things we want to do based on someone else’s view or value system? do you think you are doing this to her right now?

Sadly ladies … we are guilty of allowing this to happen! Guilty of being talked out of doing something we need to do and not being assertive enough or value ourselves enough to use the resources available to commit to the process and actually take the step needed to progress. This is your first hurdle, one of many you will face over the course of the program. The exciting bit is realising that this is where we begin …

Looking back, I have yet to meet a partner who would say NO gorgeous person, whom I love and cherish, I don’t want you to invest in yourself, especially if that investment means that you get your confidence back, get your sexy back, and ultimately means that I find the woman I met all that time ago and get HER back in the room … Va Va Voom …

Truth is … you will never get better at something or truly progress until you invest at the right level … only you know what that high-level commitment means to you.

It’s got to be a high-level commitment to effectively motivate and drive real long term long lasting lifestyle change.

This is ultimately about value, it’s about priority and it is about how highly YOU or your partner features in that thought process …

So the big question is: Do you value the important things?

OR do you value the things that make you feel important?

So after reading all of that if you want to find out more about how you can help your beautiful partner feel amazing about herself, get her body back and find herself again then feel free to contact me for a chat CLICK HERE…

PS: The truth is she is BAD at taking action without your support!