I am really proud of each and every one of these lovely ladies, they have all seen a transformation in one or more areas of their lives, the unintended consequences of up-levelling your own importance on your priority list are vast and far-reaching and had I told them what they would achieve in such a short time I don't think they would have believed me.

Marilise De Villiers Basson

Well done @marilisebasson you are an inspiration a perfect example of body, mind & biz transformation which is what @ultimatebodyformula is all about ! Working with @thestylistlondon is the icing on the cake & what a beautiful cake to ice - looking forward to our photo shoot with @jody_wright1 - makeup by @clarepinkneyartistry at @thebingham !! Will bring everything together and create some incredible photos 




Fiona Shearer

Well done to the very beautiful @fionashearer you are an inspiration to professional women everywhere a perfect example of body, mind & lifestyle transformation which is what @ultimatebodyformula is all about! You won my client of the year award this year and I introduced you to Isobel @thestylistlondon as a big well done as you’d achieved so much!

I thought the cake needed icing -  looking forward to our photo shoot with @jody_wright1 - makeup by @nospace_between at @thebingham !! Will bring everything together and create some incredible photos 




Kate Back

I could not believe the transformation I was experiencing - 7kgs of body fat lost in 12 weeks - my husband couldn't believe it either. My friends didn't recognise me, they were totally blown away and so was I. 
After watching this happen to a couple of gym friends who had worked with Colette, I was a little skeptical but I needn't have been. I am confident in a bikini for the first time ever and strut my stuff on the beach whenever I get the chance - I feel like I have my life back. 
I can keep up with the demands of my professional life and with my boys. Now 18 months later, I am still easily maintaining the results I achieved. NOW THAT, I'VE NOT EXPERIENCED EVER!

Elena Napper

I have been going to the gym for nearly 20 years, tried diet after diet, hit the treadmill hard and blasted out the cardio sessions, I even did the London Marathon but with all of this I never saw any changes in my body. 
Looking back I wasted precious time doing the same thing I had always been doing. Yes, I felt fitter but I wanted to LOOK fitter and stronger and I wanted to feel confident and look trim. 
Diet after diet and 4 cardio sessions a week but no progress, until I met Colette – she completely turned my training around, educated me on what to eat and when and I now have a body to be proud of, I feel more confident, stronger. 
I’m the best I can be and I’m 48!”

Libby Campetti

Working with Colette has helped me to find renewed energy and drive by putting myself on my priority list for the first time in a long time. I have successfully managed to get my fitness back after having my kids, and have found ways to balance my family and a demanding career with making time for myself. 
I am a positive, organised person, who is now super focused, happier and less stressed about things. I love working out in the gym and I now make the most out of the limited time I have available. Taking control of this area of my life has helped me function better and move forward. 
Colette is THE ANSWER for busy women like me, committed to achieving nothing but the best in all areas of business and life.

Torie Chilcott

I was STUCK where I was, working crazy hours, never seeing my family or friends, making irregular appearances at the gym, yes totally successful in my business but my health was declining and my body was falling apart... then I met Colette. 

I was astounded at how simple her approach was, I thought that what I was wanting to do was impossible to achieve. She has a way of motivating you to do more than you think possible, not only do I feel like a different woman and  look fantastic, my business has gone from strength to strength. So easy to implement, 
I now have a STRONG, HEALTHY BODY, I FEEL FITTER in my 40's than I ever have!


My situation before I started work with Colette was one of slight desperation to get back in shape, and pure intrigue in the food and recipes that I saw she was generating – they looked delicious and healthy! 
I knew she could advise me on how to cook, and how best to make life-long changes to my diet to help keep me feeling fit and healthy.
The whole process from my initial inquiry to the final weigh and measure was personal, transparently clear, supportive and informative. 
The one best result I got from working with Colette is “knowledge”. I know more about my body and how best to nourish it than ever before.
- Jodie


The process has been perfect for me. i.e. predictable, accessible and confidential….so that I felt " safe" to give it a go. You didn't make me feel stupid for trying!!
The best result has been my ongoing change in body shape and the fact that I did reach all of my goals.
I have dropped two dress sizes and weigh what I did 15 years ago!!
- Rhona


Having previously worked with Colette I knew I had to be fully committed to the program in order to ensure I got the best results I could. I had to manage my schedule to make time for myself. 
Working with Colette is always a great experience!
She understands the need to keep programs simple to fit into peoples daily lives.
She is very committed and supportive in helping you achieve results.
Having her on my side made the whole process of getting back on track easier and I am determined more than ever to continue and strive for even more fat loss! 
- Sheetal


Before I started working with Colette I had started to let myself go and didn’t know how to get myself back on track, I wasn’t happy with how I was looking or feeling.  Her program wasn’t easy and it isn’t a cheap or quick fix, but her approach definitely worked for me.  She provided me with the motivation and a structured program of eating and exercise which over time developed into new habits for me.
These habits have now become a lifestyle choice which I will continue from now on.  
Losing 3 stone, dropping dress sizes etc are all great but what the best result and the most surprising was the impact her approach has had on my wellbeing. 
I just can’t believe how much lighter I feel on the inside as well as the outside. My approach to life is so much healthier. 
I am so much stronger, happier and more confident in all aspects of my life.
- Caroline