Transformation Series – Day 3: The Ripple Effect …


Harness The Power Of Words In Your Life

Thousands of words pour out of our mouths each day as our thoughts, opinions, judgements and beliefs are freely expressed. Often, however, we are oblivious to the positive or negative effect these words have on ourselves and the people around us.

Speaking comes to most people as naturally as breathing. On many occasions our words are uttered without conscious thought; in fact, we rarely stop and think about what we are saying. Thousands of words pour out of our mouths each day as our thoughts, opinions, judgements and beliefs are freely expressed. Often, however, we are oblivious to the positive or negative effect these words have on ourselves and the people around us.

Words have tremendous power. Words give out energy and a message which creates a reaction in others. Everything you say produces an effect in the world. Whatever you say to someone else will produce some kind of an effect in that person. We are constantly creating something, either positive or negative with our words.

Reaction to our words often returns to us often in a multiplied form. For example, if I speak words of judgement to a person they will judge me back, probably with more intensity as their judgement has the pain or anger caused by my words attached to it Words of kindness and acceptance will generate a warm and appreciative reaction in a person. That person’s response to the words will be stronger because it will have the emotion created by the words attached to it.

The power of words has a ripple effect in our lives and those around us.


dr emoto serenity


Recently I came across the work of Dr Emoto, and his studies on water crystals. He took samples of water, froze them and took photographs of the water crystals. He then wrote words on vials of water taken from the same source. The crystals formed in the vials which had positive words, such as love and gratitude, were beautiful. However the crystals in the vials with negative words such as hate and evil were very different, and the water didn’t even form crystals in some instances. Experiments were done using words from different languages, and also by the scientists having no knowledge of what the words meant. The results were similar. More information can be found at or by watching the movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’.

Although I find the concepts of quantum physics difficult to grasp, the findings of this study on water crystals have had a profound impact on me. The human body is known to be composed of up to ninety per cent water. If words had such a significant impact on water crystals, then what is the impact of positive and negative words to our bodies?

An important key to success in life and relationships is to understand the power of words. A word is a thought eternalized. Our thoughts do have a great effect on us even though they are internal. What we think affects the way we live our life, it affects our emotions, our attitudes and our behaviour. A thought spoken has even more power. It can never be taken back; it is out of our mouth and will have an effect. Our words have even more power than our thoughts because they not only affect ourselves but the people and the world around us.

I’ve been doing some work on my personal high-performance habits and been challenged by the work of Brendon Birchard and his 6 High-Performance Habits, he talks about Generating Energy which is essentially about activity and looking after ourselves. At this time of the year how many of us choose to make healthier choices in our lives. I believe it starts here … with a word … realising how powerful words are is the first step. And then using them to start a ripple effect in our lives is such an exciting thing to do.

Have you found your word of the year yet? If not go here and figure it out.  Now that we know the power of words its time to build habits around them that will bring success.

Successful people take control of their words, rather than letting their words control them. They are more conscious of their thoughts and words and the power they unleash.

Successful people understand that they need to speak positively rather than negatively in order to see success.

Successful people are characterised by the words that they speak. They know the importance of speaking words that will build self-esteem and confidence, build relationships and build possibilities. They speak words of affirmation, encouragement, love, acceptance and appreciation.

To see more personal success, the words that we speak need to be in alignment with what we want to see being produced in our life, our vision and our dreams. As we know, our words can determine our destiny. Even more importantly, words can make a positive difference on the people you interact with every day.

Before you speak ask yourself: Is what I am about to say going to uplift the hearer? Will it inspire, motivate, and create forward momentum for them? Will it dissolve fear and create safety and trust?

Will I create a positive or negative ripple effect by speaking out these words?

Let’s be determined to unleash the power of words for a positive change.

Have a fabulous day folks!


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Transformation Series – Day 2: The small changes that create massive results in your life …


The seemingly insignificant changes in your life, that over time, change the whole direction and end destination of it.


be the change

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.” – GEORGE ELIOT

We all reach certain points in our lives, a crossroads where our lives reach a certain threshold of pain that we are no longer willing to settle for. This threshold is very different for every person.

If you are unhappy with anything in your life and recognise it, then see this moment as a massive call to action; a unique opportunity to respond to that desire from deep within the “real” you that wants to experience so much more of life.

This can be very challenging because as we have this urge to improve our lives but don’t have an effective strategy to achieve it. So we enter the familiar territory and take the next logical step and work on the effects instead of the cause.

We stop eating and exercise like crazy because we want to lose weight, rather than understand why we are overweight in the first place, we then convince ourselves that this will help and make us happier hoping that our willpower will carry us through … rather than figuring out why we want to lose it … and using that as the catalyst for longlasting change.

Here is a simple thought process that helps to focus my mind whenever I feel like my wheels are spinning.

For my life to get better I have to get better.
For things to change I have to change.
I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

We can change any and everything in our lives by changing ourselves.

This puts you in the driving seat of your life and makes your life your responsibility.

It eliminates fear and apprehension because we know that no matter what life gives us we can always get to the next level and take the next step by simply making the internal shift in our own mindset.

We can stop looking for events, people and circumstances to blame. We only need to look inside. No matter how influential we are we cannot control the circumstances and events of our lives.

There are only three things that we have absolute and total control over and together they allow us to experience life. Our thoughts, our actions and our words are always under our conscious control.

They are MY thoughts, they are MY actions and they are MY words AND they create MY world every minute of every day.

This is incredibly liberating. Whenever I want more, to experience more or change anything, I need only look inwards and work on myself.

The hardest work you will ever do is the work you do on yourself. – Jim Rohn

See, how we can run around and work incredibly hard at trying to influence and change circumstances, but that will only leave us feeling exhausted and reluctant to try again. It ís much easier to change yourself and your perception of yourself and your life remembering that nothing has any meaning except for the meaning you give it.

Changing external events have very little impact on your life in the long-term. Small changes in you; in your perceptions and mindset might seem insignificant at first, but because the change is in you it effects all of your thoughts, all of your actions and all of your words.

This seemingly insignificant change, over time, will change the whole direction and end destination of your life giving us a perfect opportunity to rewrite the blueprint of our lives.

If the captain of a ship changes direction just one degree the end destination might be a different continent altogether, it may be unnoticeable over a short period of time, but over greater distances, the small change becomes very significant.

How often do we see people trying to change the big things; they constantly try changing any and everything in their lives, but then fail to maintain the change. Instead, focus on making small consistent changes in yourself, in your own character you can create some incredible lasting results.

All change starts and ends with you.

If you are going to invest the time and effort in improving your life, then invest it in changing yourself. Invest your time and effort in improving “you” and let go of the superficial urges to control events and circumstances.

Your whole perception and experience of life comes from within you and who you are.

Change yourself, change your outlook and watch the world improve and change before your very eyes.



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How A Single Word Can Change Your Life

How many of us start thinking new years resolutions come this time of the year … if not resolutions we set intentions for the year ahead. They usually begin with internal questioning, maybe feelings of melancholy at the end of yet another busy year, maybe feeling a bit low and depressed about a lack of action over the past 12 months, the months just flew by and didn’t quite go as planned … well, friends, that’s life!


Ever said that this is MY year! I’m going to …

  • look after myself this year
  • spend more time with my friends and family
  • have more fun
  • earn more money
  • lose that stone that’s been hanging around for too many years …

And then found success in all of the above?

Very few … in fact around 5% of us actually do what we have intended to do.

Imagine my joy when I came across this amazing idea …


This is perfect !!

If like me you are soooo over the thought of new years resolutions, that never really come to fruition because we forget about them or set unrealistic expectations or don’t take the process seriously, you’ll love this idea.

Word-of-the-Year has become a game-changer for many. Christine Kane is the CEO and founder of a coaching company called Uplevel You. She says that she wasn’t the first to do it or come up with it. But may have been one of the first to share it.

“I don’t know. I just know it works – not just for me, but for many others like me.” read more here

So I figured if it works for all these amazing people .. it’ll work for me ..

In essence, we choose a word that resonates with us and we make it our word of the year … here’s the thing.

Choosing a word isn’t magic. Results won’t just happen because we pick a word and then sit back waiting for things to happen … quite the opposite. The word to choose is the word that brings energy to our situation and then allow it to guide us as we engage with it, think about it and take action based on it.

We choose the word … one word … but how?

This is how Christine does it …

Just one word. That’s all.

Then, hold that word in your mind throughout the year, and let your word guide you to take action. For instance, let’s say you want to make a resolution to lose 20 pounds, and to change jobs. Rather than say, “I resolve to lose 20 pounds and get a better job,” (which can be somewhat overwhelming) you might sit with this thought for a little while. Write in your journal.

Maybe then you would recognize that you’ve been scared to look for another job because there might not be something out there, and maybe you’ve been overeating to stuff down the fears that come up and the feelings of insecurity.

So, instead of making resolutions – which do little to inspire you – you choose the word “courage.” Courage then becomes what guides you. Each day you focus on that word. When you don’t want to go to the gym, you don’t berate yourself with the threat of your resolution. Instead, you motivate yourself with your word. “Courage.”

You say it aloud to remind yourself. And you go because learning how to not be scared of change is exciting to you. The word then builds on itself. You might decide to take a yoga class even though the skinny yoga girls have always scared you. You might find that you have a little more energy with each new thing you try.

Maybe this energy motivates you to call an old friend in your field and let her know you are looking for another job. Courage becomes the guiding force, not the harsh standard. (And WAY better for you than a pound of bacon and four eggs for breakfast, too!)


So here goes … the idea is to choose a word that resonates with you.

Here is a list of a list of possible words, see if one stands out for you. Just choose one.

Love, Clarity, Freedom, Compassion, Gratefulness, Change, Creativity, Generosity, Courage, Appreciation, Power, Certainty, Growth, Development, Abundance, Longevity, Kindness, Focus, Presence, Health, Wealth, Knowledge, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Hope, Happiness, Fun, Resourceful, Peace, Wisdom, Patience, Trusting, Release, Revive, Grace, Humour, Adventure, Friendship, Laughter, Awareness, Gentleness, Healing, Action, Persuasion, Discipline, Open-Minded, Accepting, Joyful, Exploring, Discovery, Unwrapping, Beauty, Respect, Self-Awareness, Openness, Visionary.

Have you got one?

Then hold it in your mind …

And head on over to the discovery tool that Christine has designed it’s awesome & really useful !! I have downloaded the PDF for you so click the image, or go here.


Let me know what your word of the year is … and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

I’ll check back and see how you are getting on in a few months.

My word of the year is: THRIVE – because its what I need to do to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. There is a post in this so keep your eyes peeled.  (The other two words I was considering were, Happiness and Execute. Both of these will help me thrive and likewise, when I thrive I’m happy because I’ve executed. So chicken and egg for me but I feel the best word for me today is THRIVE)

So where to from here … ??

ACTION STEP #1: SHARE YOUR WORD, with someone, on social media and explain why.

ACTION STEP #2: GET ENCOURAGEMENT, find an accountability buddy, share your word and why and then hold each other accountable.

ACTION STEP #3: POST YOUR WORD, somewhere you’ll see every day. This is your guiding word for the year, see it, believe it, do it.

Good luck !!



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