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Hello and welcome, my name is Colette Pienaar and I am the founder of Pure Form Fitness and the creator of The Ultimate Body Formula program that is specifically designed to inspire, help and support female business owners who want it all! Their dream body, a successful business and a happy fulfilled family life.

My clients usually come to me when they are experiencing a change in their lives, this may be a shift in attitude, work, relationships, hormones, a big birthday, going back to work after having children, some would say they are having a midlife crisis ... no matter what the shift is, all of these changes offer us a unique opportunity to review our lives and lifestyles, they give us the gift of an opportunity to really shake things up and be exceptional.

This is where The Ultimate Body Formula comes into play.

The program has helped hundreds of ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women, already successful in business, but failing on the health and fitness front fast-track their health and fitness so that they ooze success in all aspects of their lives.

This new focus has a dramatic impact on their focus, their productivity, their personal connection and ability to tackle life head-on.

The first step is the realisation that time is now, you are living your life ... the days that go by are not a dress rehearsal ... this is your life. The question is are you living it to the full? Right now?

I totally get that we are all at different stages in our journey and have different drivers, dreams and ambitions. On a health and fitness front many of us feel like we know what to do, but somehow never actually do it. I've been there, I bet you have too. The question to ask is are you at the point where you want to feel better about yourself, want to actually see results and get your life on track?

My clients tell me they feel empowered and in better shape than ever, confident to take the bull by the horns and make the most of life, to be who they want to be, living with total abandon and conviction, knowing they have done the work and they look incredible, like the unstoppable, exceptional woman they are! This is what get's me out of bed in the morning!

I love working with women to improve their health and wellbeing through up-levelling their personal value and bringing into balance exercise, nutrition and lifestyle so, if this is you, you are in the right place!

If you want to see some change in your own life and would like to know a bit more about what we do then download my cheat sheet and follow the links, make sure you fill in my form and get in touch.

Colette Pienaar X

Here's an overview of my




The Ultimate Body Formula is Colette's community of Female Business Owners from across the world who have made the decision to build their Ultimate Body, Business and Life Style.

Inside the Ultimate Body Formula Members Area, you’ll discover 12 powerful, practical and actionable modules of training covering every step Colette takes with each of her clients to build their dream. You’ll also access Colette live every week in her catch up calls to have your burning business questions answered.

Most importantly, you’ll be sharing the journey with other female business owners through our members-only Facebook Group and weekly accountability catch-ups to ensure you stay on track and build the life you originally set out to create!

If its time for you to stop dreaming about living your Ultimate Life then in the first instance download the cheatsheet and access the first level of support available. Discover the 3 missing links that no one is talking about that are holding you back from having your perfect figure. Learn more about Colette's formula that has allowed her to see a transformation in her own life and business and helps her clients learn to love their body, themselves and their lives again.

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If you’re a Fitness Instructor or own a Fitness Business, join THE FITPRO NETWORKING HUB and be part of this vibrant community. This is a group for ambitious and motivated Fitpros who are passionate about fitness. In the group, the only limitation is your imagination all we ask that you ADD VALUE, SHARE, ENCOURAGE and be willing to LEARN from each other. This is a supportive and welcoming group for all things Fitness, whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your existing business you are in the right place. This is where we share tips strategies and advice on a wide range of topics from sales to social media, list building, planning, launching and everything else in between. You will only get as much out of a group as you put into it so I really encourage you to take the time to join in with conversations, get to know each other and share interesting information, tips and opportunities.

You will find Fitness Instructor Network Groups across the country, intended as a way for UK FITNESS INSTRUCTORS & FACILITIES (within the area specified) to find COVER for their classes.

The reason I created these groups over 10 years ago now! is to help and support fitness instructors in their fitness biz, to try and make this part of your life easier and for your time in the industry to be as much fun and as stress-free as possible. So this is all about supporting and helping each other and making the fitness instructor groups as amazing as possible! Useful, full of people who support their colleagues, who are reliable, professional and want to be part of this community.

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Joining forces with personal styling and branding professionals we have become the ultimate team of collaborative experts who together create Total Image Excellence.

Each member of the team is an entrepreneur in their own right and all deserve the right to be called a guru in their field. We offer experiences to ensure you have the choice of investing in all aspects of yourself and your lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in delivering unique creative training that ensures all students are trained by the best to give them the edge in personal styling and branding. To be the best they can be!

Here are my


Colette Pienaar


To help as many ambitious women as I can,

put themselves first, to feel and look fantastic

and to understand how to maintain

their health because it is so simple and

everyone deserves to feel confident and

beautiful in their skin.


Then fill in your details and download my cheat sheet, get access to the first level of support from me. Getting the body of your dreams doesn't have to take forever, you just have to start... become a woman in motion and grab your opportunity to reinvent yourself right now !!

When I Started To Get In Shape 

They Couldn't Believe Their Eyes ... 

Download The WOMAN IN MOTION Cheat Sheet and Discover 3 Missing Links I Teach Female Business Owners,

To Enable Them To Fast Track Their Results, They Become Better, In Mind, Body, Business And Life ...

Fill In Your Details And I Will Share My Proven Formula, The EXACT Strategy I Used to Transform My Life in 12 Months

Building a Dream Figure, Profitable Business and Ultimate Lifestyle

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