The GODDESS ACADEMY is a community of Female Business Owners from across the world who have made the decision to build their Ultimate Body, Business and Life Style. Everything we do is progressive and the results achieved are sustainable, all you have to do is trust the process and jump in with both feet. Start by downloading the #ENERGYFORLIFE Action Plan, take the next step and do the 5 Day Life Detox Bootcamp, you'll be pleased you did, these two things alone will start to bring change to your world. Progress to the 21 Day REFORM Challenge and start to get your nutrition under control and allow your body to reset. From here you are ready to take a leap of faith and join my Ultimate Body Formula Program, the program that will set you apart and bring huge transformation to your life without you even realising it.

It's time for you to stop dreaming about living your Ultimate Life and time to start taking action, step up and LIVE!



This is what working with me looks like ...

5 Day Life Detox Bootcamp

Online Access

On this 5 Day Online DETOX YOUR LIFE Bootcamp, we work through 5 key areas of our lives that either hold us back or spur us on.

Taking care of these 5 things over 5 days will catapult your results setting you up with the best possible mindset and environment to really rock your energy levels to the moon and back.

This is where we begin ...

21 Day REFORM Challenge

Online Challenge

The next step is right here ... we focus on cleaning up your nutrition and getting your activity to the level it needs to be to really boost your performance. The habits we build in 21 Days will change your life forever! I will teach you how to manage your nutrition so you never miss out on fun food again better still you will never feel like you have undone everything you have worked so hard to achieve and you will start to unlock the keys to #ENERGYFORLIFE



Ultimate Body Formula

By Application

This is the next step for those who are ready to take the lessons learned in the last two programs and see the next level of results and transformation unfold in their lives. The changes experienced here are far-reaching and will put you on a path that is sustainable, rewarding and contagious. At this point, we know how adherent you have been and how your body has responded to balanced nutrition and regular exercise, it's now time to fine-tune and start to work with your body shape so you see sustainable results over the 8-week program.


By invitation only

This program is only offered to graduates of my Ultimate Body Program as the foundations we lay over the course of 8 weeks prior to this one are crucial, we continue to grow and develop over the following 12 weeks. When my clients set off on their health and fitness journey they have good expectations of the time frame required for real sustainable results. They learn how to manage their energy from day to day, whether at work or at play. This method puts it all together and with new found confidence and new body shape, we work on becoming that #GODDESS you envisaged when we started working together. It will help to position you in front of your peers as the expert in business because you have taken care of the fundamental things and can outperform every one of them.

Ultimate Freedom Formula

By invitation only

This is the GODDESS ACADEMY Annual Program that is designed to help and support you over the long term as you move forward in your journey of transformation. When my clients graduate and want to continue working with me this program is the next step we take together. As part of this annual commitment, we head out on two 3 day retreats together. We continue working on our mission of KINDNESS, making the world a better more tolerant and kinder place to live. We start by looking after ourselves, those around us, the environment and the creatures that inhabit the earth with us. We work together to find our #GODDESS of FIRE and LOVE and bring them into balance, creating the vision of your Ultimate Lifestyle.

GODDESS Membership

By Application

This is an opportunity to join other GODDESSES who have worked their way through my programs and come out the other side but still want to be part of the community.

We #RISEBYLIFTINGOTHERS is our motto and we take the opportunity to support each other on our journey to the heart.
You will have access to exclusive content for members and continue to grow ... #ENERGYFORLIFE



I love helping people take control of their lives through good nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy mindset. To support you in this I have created hundreds of recipes for you to try and a range of nutritional supplements. I believe these two in combination help and support me and are kind to the planet and our bodies.

The supplements are vegan with no fillers or nasty ingredients, so you can rest assured that I have sourced the best products from ethical sources. They are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards.

The recipes are plant-based with easy options to suit your palate, give them a go! You will find more information about these on my website.

Creating opportunities to nourish and feed our bodies through healthy meals and good supplementation is such a pleasure for me, especially when I see the impact these things have on my clients.







If you’re a Fitness Instructor or own a Fitness Business, join THE FITPRO NETWORKING HUB and be part of this vibrant community. A group for ambitious motivated Fitpros, passionate about fitness. In the group, the only limitation is your imagination all we ask that you ADD VALUE, SHARE, ENCOURAGE and be willing to LEARN from each other. This is a supportive and welcoming group for all things Fitness, whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your existing business you are in the right place. 

You will find Fitness Instructor Network Groups across the country, intended as a way for UK FITNESS INSTRUCTORS & FACILITIES (within the area specified) to find COVER for their classes.

I created these groups over 10 years ago now! is to help and support fitness instructors in their fitness biz and make this part of your life easier and for your time in the industry to be as much fun and as stress-free as possible. So this is all about supporting and helping each other and making the fitness instructor groups as amazing as possible! Useful, full of people who support their colleagues, who are reliable, professional and want to be part of this community.



Joining forces with personal styling and branding professionals we have become the ultimate team of collaborative experts who together create Total Image Excellence.

Each member of the team is an entrepreneur in their own right and all deserve the right to be called a guru in their field. We offer experiences to ensure you have the choice of investing in all aspects of yourself and your lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in delivering unique creative training that ensures all students are trained by the best to give them the edge in personal styling and branding. To be the best they can be!

HEAD OVER TO WWW.BOSSGIRLS.LONDON for more information about our latest event.