libby squareThe program was surprisingly easy! The principles are really simple and have really helped me get back to basics with my diet.

Colette provides loads of yummy recipes to try which aren’t time-consuming, and I actually ate more than normal.

I am lucky because I actually enjoy going to the gym, so for me, the workouts were more about changing what I was doing, with focus rather than spending more time working out.

After 3 months I hit my target! It is great when people you hardly know comment on how fit and well you are looking!

As a full time working mum with a toddler I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit in the extra time needed to succeed – but the program didn’t need me to do anything more, just different.

Adapting meals to fit in with the nutrition plan was easy and it is really flexible once you understand the principles, plus the results are a great reason to motivate you to go for the extra gym or run session when the couch is calling.

There were two key things I learned

1) On the exercise side, I was already going to the gym 3+ times a week but wasn’t seeing results. The key for me was doing the right mix of training not just more of the same.

2) It also really brought home how much nutrition matters.

After the program, I eat more calories and foods I would have avoided, but have more energy and am leaner as a result.


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