Having previously worked with Colette I knew I had to be fully committed to the program in order to ensure I got the best results I could. I had to manage my schedule to make time for myself.

Although initially, it was hard to see where I would find the time it became very achievable due to my drive to get back on track!

It was hard admitting to myself that I needed the help to get back on track. I was upset at myself for losing control in the first instance when I was doing so well physically and expected to be at a much better place than I was.

There were actually a couple of things that I learnt
1) Setting goals REALLY help to drive motivation – setting milestones helps to keep you motivated and also makes you strive to be even better as well as hold you accountable if you don’t reach them! 2) The balance of macronutrients I need to be eating at each mealtime to keep my body happy!

The main principle I will continue to follow going forward is Good Mental Health = Good Physical Health. Being positive, having a can-do attitude and making time for yourself mentally has a huge impact on your physical well-being.

Working with Colette is always a great experience! She understands the need to keep programs simple to fit into peoples daily lives. She is very committed and supportive in helping you achieve results. Having her on my side made the whole process of getting back on track easier and I am determined more than ever continue and strive for even more fat loss!

– Sheetal

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